Wartune Patch 5.0 Blows In The Wind Ranger

By Michael Jamias
wartune patch 5 wind ranger

A new mage-killing Eudaemon is on the loose with the release of Wartune patch 5.0 over the weekend.

The Wartune Wind Ranger boasts of a high PATK and MDEF, making them especially effective in hunting down mages and other Eudaemons.

Wartune Wind Ranger

Wind Rangers shoot out lethal and toxic shots, inflicting high damage and poison to targets. The newest Eudaemon to join the browser mmo can also reduce the magic damage that he and his party receives, and can only be acquired by level 70 and above players.

The new Wartune patch also activates the Eudaemon Arena where players from different servers will clash in PvP battles up to 10 battles daily. Players can field three Eudaemons plus a reinforcement Eudaemon to fight until one team is wiped out.

Patch 5.0 brings as well a new cross-server dungeon for level 20 mmorpg heroes and above.

At least two players are required to enter and will match players from different servers. As a bonus incentive, a 50% EXP bonus and extra loot rewards will be handed out for each cross-server match.

There's also a new Dungeon known as the Tara Temple, a mysterious realm that seems to have been caught in the dimensions of time and space.


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