Wartune marches on to open beta

By Michael Jamias
wartune open beta

Wartune, the strategy rpg browser mmo published by NGames, commands the masses to begin public testing.

Available to play now via the Game321.com games portal, Wartune will have most of its features up and running throughout the open beta, including its massive multiplayer dungeons and boss battles, PvP arenas, battlegrounds, and a functioning guild system.

Set in a forbidding fantasy universe, Wartune also eases players into the MMORPG with welcoming special events that allow them to earn extra in-game items and VIP tokens. The leveling grind has also been mitigated somewhat with bonus boosts and gear handed out throughout specific level milestones. Hitting level 16, for example, rewards a beta player with potions and quick-leveling items, while arriving at level 25 unlocks a free stash of vouchers, gold and high-level weapons that should make for smoother questing and dungeon runs.

Open beta also encourages players to partake in the competitive PvP scene. Those who achieve the highest Battle Rating will be able to earn bags of gold, with the top 3 earning “some very special” prizes. All in all, NGames’ strategy seems crystal clear: Attach rewards at virtually every in-game activity so fans will do as much as possible while the open beta lasts, and hopefully keep them invested enough in their wealthy and decked-out character to keep playing well after the launch.


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