Wartune Novel Kicks Off Crowdfunding Campaign

By Michael Jamias
wartune novel crowdfunding campaign

While some other browser games are launching crowdfunding campaigns for spin-offs or expansions, Wartune is going the literary path with a novel project!

The Wartune novel crowdfunding campaign began over the weekend at Indiegogo with a US$50,000 goal. Its pages will be filled with back story that fans of the online rpg -- or an epic fantasy action story -- will want to read.

"You probably know the basics: slay the dragon, power up the Eudaemon, get uber-powerful, but it’s time we added a little more depth," said developers. "We’re going to explain why you’re building the most powerful city in the world, and why great evil wants to destroy it."

The crowdfunding campaign was initiated by the studio due to a lack of dedicated novelist in the existing Wartune team. Funds raised in the campaign will go towards hiring a dedicated novelist, editors and other project staff.

The campaign began last week on Nov. 26 at 9:00pm CST on Indiegogo, and will run for another 26 days as of this posting.

You can learn more about the Wartune novel in this video the crowdfunding team uploaded:

The official Indiegogo site has also unveiled the mmo backer perks, ranging from a virtual high-five with a $1 pledge, an e-book for $8, a paperback copy for $25 and even more physical goodies for even higher pledges like a t-shirt, dog tags and postcard set.


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