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wartune novel crowdfunding campaign
While some other browser games are launching crowdfunding campaigns for spin-offs or expansions, Wartune is going the literary path with a novel project! The Wartune novel crowdfunding campaign began over the weekend at Indiegogo with a US$50,000 goal. Its pages will be filled with back story that fans of the online rpg -- or an epic fantasy action story -- will want to read. "You probably know the basics: slay the dragon, power up the Eudaemon...
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Dec 02 2015
wartune patch 5 wind ranger
A new mage-killing Eudaemon is on the loose with the release of Wartune patch 5.0 over the weekend. The Wartune Wind Ranger boasts of a high PATK and MDEF, making them especially effective in hunting down mages and other Eudaemons.Wind Rangers shoot out lethal and toxic shots, inflicting high damage and poison to targets. The newest Eudaemon to join the browser mmo can also reduce the magic damage that he and his party receives, and can only...
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Sep 14 2015


Nonsense meme
GotY went from being a title awarded by different websites to a deserving game to something that is awarded to nearly every game that pops out. Since the label doesn’t mean anything anymore, it has been ironically renamed “Lame of the Year”. Watch a funny take on the topic by videogamedunkey:Now that GotY became LotY, we should think of another term for the greatest games. Ok, then:               &nbs...
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Sep 30 2014
wartune na eu mobile versions
Wartune mobile versions have been confirmed for North America and major European countries and will be distributed under Kabam. Hoolai Games, the China-based development studio behind Wartune, has struck an exclusive licensing distribution deal with the free to play mmo games publisher Kabam because of its extensive experience in the Western regions. “Kabam has a reputable track record for publishing games in the West, so we’re thrilled to be w...
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Sep 05 2013
Wartune Unveils Knight Class
Wartune, the strategy MMORPG from NGames, has just unveiled its newest class, the Knight. The Knight is described by an official press release as having three major functions when it comes to battle. "First, they are loyal defenders, taking the brunt of enemy’s attacks to protect those more vulnerable. Driven by the sheer will of ‘fight or die’, it is their sole aim to shield both nation and faith." Additionally, they posses much skill at ...
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Aug 23 2013
wartune open beta
Wartune, the strategy rpg browser mmo published by NGames, commands the masses to begin public testing. Available to play now via the Game321.com games portal, Wartune will have most of its features up and running throughout the open beta, including its massive multiplayer dungeons and boss battles, PvP arenas, battlegrounds, and a functioning guild system. Set in a forbidding fantasy universe, Wartune also eases players into the MMORPG with we...
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Apr 03 2013