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By Michael Jamias
warstory europe launch

Warstory Europe, a free browser game set in the tumultuous times of World War II, is now live.

As a real-time strategy mmo, Warstory Europe puts players in the battle boots of World War II commanders either fighting for the Western Allies or the Red Army. Both factions are looking to secure their dominance in Europe through any means possible.

Both factions will play in a persistent war-torn continent with the ultimate objective of clinching control of the Berlin command center. Players will have at their disposal more than 50 historical units and "thousands" of equipment items that will improve your faction's fighting capabilities.

Like in any way, commanders and heroic officers also play a big role in victory. Players will be able to level up their commanders and customize their leadership abilities, as well as recruit heroic officers that will inspire troops to battle.

Of course even the best commanders and officers will get beaten by a more powerful mix of units, which is where troop management comes into play. Warstory Europe requires players to think deeply about what troops to send to battle, taking into consideration their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their special abilities to outmaneuver the enemy army.

The Warstory Europe launch comes after a successful two-month-long beta phase which began back in April, according to developers. Feedback from the beta has been used to fine-tune the features such as expanding the achievement system and improving the beginner tutorials. Developers will bestow all beta participants the in-game title “Veteran” as a token of gratitude.

Warstory Europe also releases with plenty of solo and team content, from special missions to clans.


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