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  • Warstory Europe: choices

    Warstory Europe: choices
    Choose from 2 factions and multiple locations when you join the war....
    Warstory Europe: choices

    Warstory Europe: battle

    Warstory Europe: battle
    Warstory uses strategic location style maps to fight over. Send units to locations and kill or be killed....
    Warstory Europe: battle

    Warstory Europe: map

    Warstory Europe: map
    Look at the war map to find where you want to send your units to help the war effort....
    Warstory Europe: map

    Warstory Europe: upgrades

    Warstory Europe: upgrades
    From here, players can upgrade their general, buy new units, or unlock upgrades....
    Warstory Europe: upgrades

Warstory Europe Gameplay First Look - HD

Warstory Europe Gameplay First Look - HD

Take part in the titanic struggle of World War II with Warstory Europe, the free browser game developed by Chimera Entertainment. This rts has players commanding their own force of soldiers in battle with the eventual goal of capturing Berlin. You can choose to play as the Soviets attacking from the east or the US army who is coming in from the west. Players command their forces in dynamic, real-time battles where quick thinking and strategy are the keys to victory.

Warstory Europe features cooperative gameplay as you can play alongside friends (or make new ones) as you liberate Europe from the Nazi menace. You'll get quickly into the action as that, unlike most rts games, you don't spend your time constructing buildings and gathering resources to create your army, you start off with some basic forces and victories allow you to grow your army. There are over fifty units in the game along with thousands of equipment items to increase the combat effectiveness of your troops. The player is represented by the overall force commander who can level and increase their abilities over time. You can also recruit heroic officers to bolster your units in battle and these officers can gain new abilities as they level.

Each faction makes their push to Berlin from their own specific theater of operation in Warstory Europe. Players move from the starting point and work to capture occupied cities until they reach their final destination, Berlin. To move the players along, this strategy mmo offers three types of missions that the players can undertake. Scout's reports are quick and easy to play and are offered every few hours. High Command missions can result in the upgrade of your troops but require favor  to be  chosen. Favor is earned from successfully completing missions. The third mission type is War Targets, which are missions that are active for the specific war phase currently in progress. Overall, there are four war phases in the game which results in the end by Berlin being captured by one faction or the other. A new war session will then begin.

While easy to get into, there is a great deal of strategy involved in this rts game. The battles in Warstory Europe are dynamic and will require you to be flexible and to act quickly. You'll slug it out on over fifty unique battlefields as you march across Europe. The game is free to play but moving and repairing units takes time. Impatient players can speed up such time through the cash shop.

By Jeff Francis


Warstory Europe has launched

Warstory Europe, a free browser game set in the tumultuous times of World War II, is now live. As a real-time strategy mmo, Warst...
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