Golems, trolls and treants invade WarMage Battlegrounds

By Michael Jamias
warmage battlegrounds golem troll treant units

The three new battle units for the fantasy mmorpg will help you crush, smash and thrash your way to victory.

Introduced in the newest WarMage Battlegrounds version 1.14.1 update, the trio of bruiser-like units can command powerful abilities in each battle.

The Bone Golem, empowered by Dark Magic, can crush enemies and knocks them backward through summoned Skeletal Fences.
The Mountain Troll will assault nearby enemies when provoked. It can crouch, making itself extremely resistant to attack and immovable. And while crouched, it will attempt to knockback and tackle any squad approaching or attacking it. The Mountain Troll also blocks line of sight.

Meanwhile, the Treant thrashes nearby enemies with its branches causing crushing damage. It can root and cause Life Magic damage to all adjacent squads. The Treant may cause knockback and may leave saplings as it moves. The Treant blocks line of sight and flight. Treant saplings block line of sight as well.

All three units were released to celebrate the release of WarMage Battlegrounds on the GamersFirst free browser games platform.

Version 1.14.1 also activates notable skill and bug fixes, as well as a long list of balancing updates for existing battle units. Fans of the Gedbog (2-Player) and Haknoi (4-Player) battlegrounds will also be disappointed to know that both have been removed from Ranked Battle play list.


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