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warmage battlegrounds golem troll treant units
The three new battle units for the fantasy mmorpg will help you crush, smash and thrash your way to victory. Introduced in the newest WarMage Battlegrounds version 1.14.1 update, the trio of bruiser-like units can command powerful abilities in each battle. The Bone Golem, empowered by Dark Magic, can crush enemies and knocks them backward through summoned Skeletal Fences.The Mountain Troll will assault nearby enemies when provoked. It can crouc...
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Jan 22 2013
warmage battlegrounds reveals races
Meet all the races in the free no download mmorpg WarMage Battlegrounds, from the versatile Humans to the fierce Dragonkin. Below is a short summary of each race’s background profiles. It also lists down their elemental affinity, which will dictate what kind of magic each race will be strong at using and weak against during MMO battles. Humans are the most populous race in Kator, the world of WarMage Battlegrounds, and favor no particular eleme...
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Dec 03 2012