Warlord Saga heroes system explained

By Michael Jamias
warlord saga heroes system

Most mmo games these days let you control a hero directly, but in Warlord Saga, you send out a battalion of heroes per battle.

In this sense, Warlord Saga plays more like a strategy rpg. You get to dispatch heroes in battle, where they get to earn experience points, level up, and eventually upgrade into more powerful versions. Higher-level and upgraded Warlord Saga heroes bestow better stat bonuses to players that help them prevail over enemies.

Warlord Saga heroes artwork

Several of the confirmed stats include Hit, Power, Defense, Dodge, Crit, Speed and Strength stats. Unfortunately, we have little information yet on how these stats affect combat, but it's safe to assume that these work similarly to the archetype. The stats also reveal there won't likely be a weird splash of magical heroes, which should give traditionalist fans a relief that the browser mmo will adhere closely to Chinese historical material.

It has also been confirmed that the Warlord Saga heroes system will allow players to use in-game items to train heroes "as fast as a rocket." These will likely be items bought from the cash shop, or given out as rewards for consistent play.

Not all heroes will be available to train from the outset. Some heroes will only be unlocked once a player reaches a certain rank or clears a Campaign portion, among other requirements. The idea is that many activities in the online rpg will lead players to meet and recruit a hero.


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