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By Michael Jamias
warlord saga classes factions

In keeping with the numerical Three Kingdoms theme, PopPace has unveiled three classes and three factions for its upcoming 2D MMO, Warlord Saga.

Warlord Saga factions and classes artwork

You can play as a Warrior, Strategist or Archer. The Warrior is the designated tank and can also dish out quite a bit of close-range damage with his spear. The Strategist is a military genius and proficient long sword specialist; this is not your average bookish sage -- the Strategist actually puts out massive damage among the Warlord Saga classes. The Archer is your standard fast ranged shooter with swift moves to evade counterattacks.

Also unveiled were the Warlord Saga factions, namely: Shu, Wei and Wu. These are based on historically accurate kingdoms that vied for power during the tumultuous Three Kingdoms era in China. Swear your allegiance to one of these factions, and help them prevail over.

According to the official lore for this free no download mmorpg, Shu, also known as Shu Han, was founded in 221 AD by Liu Bei who was directly related to the imperial clan of the Han Dynasty, based in the area around Jingzhou and Yizhou.

Wei, also known as Cao Wei, houses it capital in Luoyang, and the state was founded by Cao Pi in 220 AD, based upon the foundations laid by his father, Cao Cao, towards the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Lastly, Wu, also known as Eastern Wu or Sun Wu, derived its name from the place it was based in the Yangtze River Delta region, which was also historically known as Wu.


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