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warlord saga heroes system
Most mmo games these days let you control a hero directly, but in Warlord Saga, you send out a battalion of heroes per battle. In this sense, Warlord Saga plays more like a strategy rpg. You get to dispatch heroes in battle, where they get to earn experience points, level up, and eventually upgrade into more powerful versions. Higher-level and upgraded Warlord Saga heroes bestow better stat bonuses to players that help them prevail over enemies....
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Mar 28 2014
warlord saga classes factions
In keeping with the numerical Three Kingdoms theme, PopPace has unveiled three classes and three factions for its upcoming 2D MMO, Warlord Saga.You can play as a Warrior, Strategist or Archer. The Warrior is the designated tank and can also dish out quite a bit of close-range damage with his spear. The Strategist is a military genius and proficient long sword specialist; this is not your average bookish sage -- the Strategist actually puts ou...
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Mar 21 2014