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  • WarGame 1942: construct

    WarGame 1942: construct
    Construct buildings on empty tiles. The Command Center is your first building!...
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    WarGame 1942: achievenemts

    WarGame 1942: achievenemts
    Look at the list of achievements. Like missions, you earn bonuses for unlocking these achievements....
    WarGame 1942: achievenemts

    WarGame 1942: diamonds

    WarGame 1942: diamonds
    You can earn diamonds by completing missions of achievements. Or through game store purchases. These let you finish building proje...
    WarGame 1942: diamonds

    WarGame 1942: numbers

    WarGame 1942: numbers
    In many browser based stragegy games you upgrade buildings. In WarGame 1942, you increase the number of each building. Want more p...
    WarGame 1942: numbers

Wargame 1942 (aka Desert Operations) is a military themed MMORTS game set during the infamous period of World War II. Wargame 1942 allows players to experience the thrill and intensity of a fully fledged military campaign using iconic units and vehicles from World War II. Wargame 1942 is free to play and is compatible with all modern internet browsers, removing the need for any large downloads.

One of the most in-depth aspects of Wargame 1942 is the economical system, a multitude of features and mechanics that combine to create one of the most realistic economies ever seen in a browser based strategy game. Every building and unit that you construct requires a certain amount of money to maintain, feeding the troops and repairing buildings, this generates a cost per hour feature that players are required to meet in order to sustain a successful economy. To help generate hourly income players have a variety of options such as constructing ore refineries and other resource related buildings, but there's also taxes. Players can charge taxes to their alliance, or give permission to other players to construct buildings such as gold mines and then place a tax on those as well. The combination of the income and expenditure features creates a constantly evolving economy that provides RTS fans with a whole new level of depth to strategy titles.

As well as the highly in-depth economical system, Wargame 1942 offers players a variety of other exciting MMORTS features such as base construction and expansion. Much like other MMO RTS games players will need to construct a variety of buildings in their base to earn certain benefits, such as training unique troops, generating resources or scouting enemy bases. Each building takes a certain amount of time and resources to construct, giving players plenty of opportunity to work on diplomatic relations or military strategies while waiting for their base to finish building.

Wargame 1942 combines historically accurate units and vehicles, with in-depth city and resource management features all wrapped up in high quality browser-based graphics. Wargame 1942 is a must play title for fans of the World War II or RTS genres.

By Rachel Rosen

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