WarFlow opens new “Divulgence” server as Update 4.1 arrives

By Michael Jamias
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The no download mmorpg accommodates its increasing population with a new server.

The new WarFlow server called “Divulgence” will be available starting February 20 7:00PM PST.

“Divulgence” will be the third server for the city-building free to play mmo and comes after the launch of WarFlow version 4.1, the latest update which saw the release of two new war maps and the Fylgja Glyph system.

The new war maps -- Ujimqi in Yue and Taipin in Syanbi – can be unlocked once certain areas have been conquered. All the NPCs in these two new maps are elite forces and will mainly drop rare jewels.

Meanwhile, the Fylgja Glyph system lets players acquire glyphs to improve troop strength. As of launch, there are only 10 glyphs that can be acquired but this will be expanded in future WarFlow patches.

The glyph system can be quite pricey though. The glyphs available to your character will be determined by which glyphs show up when you hit the refresh button. Hitting the refresh button costs silver and gold, so those hunting for the higher quality glyphs will have to invest substantially in the system. Acquiring the glyphs permanently costs even more Gold and should be done only if a player finds the glyph indispensable.


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