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    Warflow: hero
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    Warflow: quest
    Quests can tell you which buildings you should work on, any upgrades that you may need, suggest new upgrades or hero training, or ...
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    Combat is turn based and out of your control. Sit back and enjoy the show....
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    Warflow: buildings
    Buildings have many different effects like the ability to levy taxes, upgrade and purchase gear, or increasing your hero training....
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WarFlow is an oriental themed, browser based MMO RTS game set during an epic war in China. WarFlow offers a unique graphic style, various interesting systems and mechanics and a number of features unique among MMORTS titles.

One of the most interesting aspects of WarFlow is the periodic seasons. There are 4 seasons, Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall, each season has an effect on the game world itself, as well as effecting more practical systems. An in-game season is 1 day of real-time, this means the seasons progress pretty quickly but the benefits offered for each season make certain players want to be sure they don't miss a specific season. Certain seasons have an effect on your resource gain, others change the amount of attacks you can perform, while some stop all PvP action for 24 hours. This unique system adds a lot of depth to the RTS genre, making players plan everything ahead, from an assault on an enemy castle, to attempting to gather a certain amount of resources for an important upgrade.

WarFlow also includes the traditional RTS feature, a Hero system. Players can recruit and train from hundreds of different heroes, all of which have their own base stats and speed of progression. Each hero is also assigned various skills and a higher effect with certain units. This allows players to specifically choose a hero that will benefit their army the most, creating for a large variety of possible army combinations and strategies.

WarFlow is filled with dangerous NPC forces, all of which are struggling for power, competing alongside the players for control over many of the territories. NPC armies are a large part of a players income in WarFlow, offering valuable resources and even rare item drops if a player can defeat them. Each NPC group is different, thus they require different tactics, units and strategies to defeat. This creates for a constantly evolving game environment forcing players to be able to adapt to any given situation at any time. This makes WarFlow one of the most interesting MMORTS games available on the internet and is a large reason why the game has been so successful over recent years.

By Rachel Rosen


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