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    War of Nobles: class
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    War of Nobles: city
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    After your barracks is ready to go, it is time to recruit some more troops. I think 143 swordsmen should do... for now!...
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War of Nobles is a no download mmorpg and strategy game where you vie for dominance as the most powerful noble in the land. Focusing on multiplayer online play, War of Nobles lets you play with or against thousands of other human players for control and supremacy. You begin the game with a set number of basic resources – gold, wood, stone, iron and a population cap – all the building blocks you’ll need for your starting town and castle. New players should immediately upgrade their existing facilities using their initial resources. Doing so will jumpstart your resource production. In War of Nobles, you have to use resources to make even more resources.

At the start of War of Nobles, you will also get your first fighting units composed of a handful of horsemen and more than a dozen swordsmen. Additional troops will be given to you every 24 hours in real time that passes by. Troops can be ordered to organize raid in nearby villages and pillage resources. While this might not be such a noble act, raiding and plundering will be one of your key sources of income. Not all villagers will turn the other cheek when you choose to invade. Sometimes, they will resist your advance and can even defeat your forces. Scouting your target villages is crucial to ensure a swift and decisive raid. Troops are also invaluable for protecting your castle from incoming attacks. Other player-controlled cities can and will try to attack you if they see a weak defense. If you want to be the aggressor, you will need lots of preparation and the Seal of the King item which authorizes you to initiate a PvP invasion – and possibly add another city to your fast-expanding kingdom. War of Nobles also runs its own cash shop for those who want to speed up their building production and power up their troops, including Battle God items that can swing entire wars in your army’s favor.

War of Nobles demands a careful balance in economic and military production. A weak economy will prevent you from earning the Gold needed to pay troops, while a weak military will make you vulnerable to resource-draining conquests. War of Nobles belongs to that unique class of Browser Games -- one that is set in a persistent, dynamic world. Even if you close the War of Nobles game, this will not stop the production activities in your kingdom. Returning to the game the next day will show your kingdom is a bit larger, richer and more powerful than you last left it. Unless of course another player has successfully conquered one of your cities, in which case you will need to rebuild. Or you could always take the sweeter option: A vicious revenge attack worthy of your noble lineage.

By Rachel Rosen

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