War of Legends hits 5 million registrations as new update hits

By Michael Jamias
war of legends 5 million registrations

War of Legends has attracted roughly the same number of users as the population of Norway through its deeply involving mmorts-mmorpg gameplay.

“Reaching the 5 million registrations milestone is a fantastic achievement for War of Legends and we are delighted to see the game go from strength to strength,” said developer Jagex in a release announcing the milestone.

A sobering reminder though for fans and number freaks alike: Five million registrations suggest a high level of interest for War of Legends, but it remains to be seen how many of these registrations have translated to currently active players, which is traditionally a more potent and impressive statistic. Still five million is five million -- a feat that has its own merit.

Coming off this milestone high, Jagex announced that it is adding new content for both new and existing high level players.

The Version 1.5.2 update introduces what Jagex considers to be some of the most challenging content so far in the strategy browser mmo. This includes three new floors to the popular Buzhou Mountain instance, “a dungeon where players must fight through floors of increasing difficulty.”

A new in-game item called the New Nullifier Artifact has also appeared, which when equipped to any Legend will then allow players to defend themselves against the powerful enemy magics.


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