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  • War of Legends: Build

    War of Legends: Build
    Inside the walls of your city, you can build buildings which can be the first step to creating an unstoppable empire....
    War of Legends: Build

    War of Legends: Classes

    War of Legends: Classes
    War of Legends does have some slight RPG aspects to it. Pick your class to match your playstyle....
    War of Legends: Classes

    War of Legends: Outer

    War of Legends: Outer
    You can gather resources outside the walls of your city. This is our farm....
    War of Legends: Outer

    War of Legends: Stats

    War of Legends: Stats
    This screen shows the production, economy, etc.. of our city....
    War of Legends: Stats
  • War of Legends: Tasks

    War of Legends: Tasks
    You will be given tasks which will guide you through the first few days of gameplay. These tasks have rewards to help you get star...
    War of Legends: Tasks

War of Legends is the second free to play MMORPG from the same developers that brought you the record breaking, Runescape. War of Legends combines aspects from both the MMORTS and MMORPG genres, including an exciting array of innovative features and mechanics.

Your first port of call in War of Legends is to create your ruler, the one that will unite a civilization and bring it's opponents to their knees. You can select your gender, basic avatar picture and your class. There are 3 available classes to choose from Monk, Seer or Warrior, with each class offering different benefits for your civilization. This is where the main core of the MMORPG mechanics come in to play, allowing you to progress with your ruler, earning experience points and increasing in levels. The higher the level of your ruler, the stronger they'll be in battle and the more units they can have to support them.

As with all MMO RTS games, resource management is key to making sure your civilization becomes prosperous. There are 4 resources available, Food, Timber, Stone and Copper. In order to gather a specific resource you must first construct the appropriate resource building. Once you have the 4 key buildings in place, you can upgrade each one individually to increase the resource yield. There are also other ways to increase your resource gain including researching new technologies at the University, plundering opponents cities, or occupying NPC territories called the Wildlands.

A ruler is nothing without a large army to support his cause and War of Legends utilizes a familiar rock, paper, scissors combat system. There are 4 available units to train Halberdier, Swordsman, Archer and Charioteers. Each unit is strong against another, while being weak against a specific unit. This means players that hope to win every battle will need to choose their units wisely, based on the opponents army strength and unit configuration.

Another exciting aspect to War of Legends is the Stronghold system. Originally controlled by NPC units, clans are able to attack Strongholds with the hopes of claiming the region as their own. If a clan is able to successfully siege a Stronghold they become eligible for a number of exciting rewards such as gems or labor bills.

By Rachel Rosen


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