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    Utopia: pick
    Pick your race, personality, name and gender when you start a new age of Utopia. Your race and personality should match your plays...
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    Utopia: land
    As we explore more land, we need to build on that land. With 280 free acres, out of 400 total, it will take some time to build all...
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    Utopia: research
    Build schools to increase your research. Research lets you specialize your empire....
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    Utopia: spells
    Runes let you cast spells. More mages will help you accumulate extra runes. These spells can help you build faster, explore new la...
    Utopia: spells

Created way back in 1998, Utopia is one of the oldest-running online browser games with a hardcore strategy gameplay on building and managing a kingdom. In this no download mmorpg where fantasy races fight for supremacy and dragons still rule the skies, a player will assume the role of a ruler. Take time to read through the race and personality options for your ruler because this will determine your unique bonuses and penalties. Selecting the Dwarves race bestows you with a distinct advantage in building efficiency due to their skill in construction, but it also burdens you with noticeably faster food consumption. Then, you can supplement it with a Tactician personality to gain more specialist and building credits, or adopt a Merchant viewpoint to more effectively fund your kingdom.

After settling on a ruling style, the next important thing to learn in Utopia is to expand your fledgling province. You can do this with proper planning and construction of buildings. Aim to create a thriving infrastructure to support your population’s needs, and one that is aligned to your long-term plans – whether it is economic supremacy or military dominance. In Utopia, you do not grow your province in a vacuum but rather in a persistent world where provinces controlled by other players are also aiming to reach the pinnacle of success. You can woo these provinces as allies and plan to grow in mutual cooperation, or you can plan to invade their land to gain their resources. Declaring war on another kingdom opens up combat offense and defense options. As the aggressor, you can choose to march, raze, plunder or massacre the opposing camp. Defenders can erect forts and run a higher defense to thwart outside attacks.

Empire management and diplomatic negotiations are at the heart of Utopia's intricate gameplay. You will need to master the two to have a chance at winning. Allies can conspire in the player forums to coordinate plans and trade resources. Warring kingdoms can also create a war forum where the two parties can undergo negotiations and issue demands, but still within the bounds of respectful conversation. Players residing in different kingdoms can contact each other via a private messaging, which is one of the key ways to establish pacts or wage conflict. It takes a few days of grueling tactical play to determine the winning kingdom, so prepare to pull out all the stops to be immortalized in the Utopia hall of fame.

By Rachel Rosen

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