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  • Urban Rivals: cards

    Urban Rivals: cards
    Urban Rivals is a browser based collectible card game. Here is a breakdown of the cards....
    Urban Rivals: cards

    Urban Rivals: battle

    Urban Rivals: battle
    Sometimes, one of your cards will win a battle by a lot and you get a fun animation to show how badly they lost....
    Urban Rivals: battle

    Urban Rivals: missions

    Urban Rivals: missions
    Complete missions to gain experience in Urban Rivals. This can lead to new cards and unlocking abilities....
    Urban Rivals: missions

    Urban Rivals: Card collection

    Urban Rivals: Card collection
    Pick a setup of heroes and use them in battles....
    Urban Rivals: Card collection
  • Urban Rivals: Free pills

    Urban Rivals: Free pills
    'Free pills' are a secondary resource used in matches. They can be used for card abilities, fury, or just extra damage. You get 10...
    Urban Rivals: Free pills

Urban Rivals was released in January 2006 and was one of the first MMOTCG's (Tactical Card Game) available on the internet. The first thing you will notice in this browser game is the comic book style art, that's both colorful and detailed.

Each match both players are given 8 cards, and then must draw 4 randomly from the deck. The 4 cards drawn are the cards you will use for that particular battle. Each battle consists of 4 rounds, where each player takes it in turns to use 1 of the 4 cards they have drawn. There are over 1000 unique cards in total, and more are added on a frequent basis. During duels players can also choose to utilize "Pillz". These items allow the player to increase the attack power of their cards. Players get 12 Pillz to use each game and must think tactically to decide which rounds they should expend the Pillz on.

There are many ways for players to get new cards, winning events and trading from players is the main source but they can also choose to purchase booster packs. Booster packs cost credits, the in-game premium currency, and can be purchased with both credit cards and PayPal. Each booster pack contains 3 random cards. Although this may deter some players that don't wish to invest in the game, they will be happy to know that free players can earn any card bought inthe booster packs, they just have to work a little harder in order to get them.

There is also a comic book on the website, that is based on the lore and characters you will encounter while you're in-game. It offers a nice approach to learning more about the characters you're using and is updated on a regular basis.

By Rachel Rosen





Most gamers will dig the comic book-style graphics in Urban Rivals. The card collection and card battle browser game features more than 800 character cards each drawn with expressive facial expressions, bright colored clothes and amusing poses. There are a few anime drawings that slip in, but overall the art style is distinctly Western like what you would see in Archie comics, the newspaper comics section or superhero graphic novels.

A few women are depicted quite sexily, but nothing inappropriate enough for young children who happen to get into Urban Rivals (a sure relief for parents). Also, the collectible cards look cohesive but not identical; you know the card illustrations were drawn by different artists, which helps the game from growing stale with repeated viewing.


Card fight battles do not have a lot of animations though, which will be a disappointment for fans looking for real action. Combat comes in the form of special effect hits and number pop-ups. There are also amusing “finisher” sequences when you defeat an enemy in a card battle. If the card that dealt the final damage came from The Uppers faction, for example, the finisher will show a limousine running over the opponent and a little doggy coming out to urinate as an added insult to road kill injury. Below, the screenshot shows the leader card Vansaar unleashing his fiery finisher.


Aside from the finishers, you won’t see other screen-filling attacks from Urban Rivals as opposed to say a Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh game. If there’s any consolation it’s that the lighter graphics makes it a quick browser mmo with loading time lasting only a few seconds in between card battles.


Urban Rivals plays an upbeat but quite repetitive music track. It gets the job done in filling up the silence. A little bit more variety would have gone a long way. Combat sound effects do an adequate job conveying the attacks, damage and finisher animations. The overall sound treatment in the game is, in a word, serviceable. You won’t be scrambling to get a copy of the music tracks or marveling at the ingenious sound effects; in fact they rarely stand out that one hour into the game you will barely pay attention to it – which is great if you’re not an audiophile and find overly complicated sound to be too distracting.


There is no epic story or roleplaying in Urban Rivals. You do not start out as a young trainer or a fledgling hero on a path to greatness. Instead, you are treated as a real human player who collects cards and likes to do battle.


The game does throw you a Single Player mode, but even this has no overarching narrative; you are simply asked to defeat a certain number of enemies using different kinds of decks. The closest thing to a story in Urban Rivals comes from the card factions, from which you will likely have a favorite and whose characters will be featured in the Urban Rivals comics bought separately.


Urban Rivals is one of the more casual-friendly card mmo games. First, battles can be finished in as short as five minutes – or even less for those who have grown accustomed to the system. There are only four turns to each card battle.


Opposing players get to play one character card each and these character cards will try to defeat one another depending on their power, Pillz investment, and activated card abilities and bonuses. The character card with the highest attack power gets to deal damage to the health of the opposing player. The first player to reduce his opponent’s life to zero – or the player with the highest life total after four rounds – wins the battle and earns higher rewards in the form of Clintz currency and experience points.


Deckbuilding fanatics will be a bit disappointed at the straightforwardness of the deckbuilding mechanics. It is mostly a matter of collecting cards in a specific faction and throwing those together, with limitations set depending on which type of tournament or fight you will be participating in. Since only four cards can be used per battle, most decks limit the number to the bare minimum to ensure consistency. Cards barely interact with each other aside from activating faction bonuses.



More than offering a deep gameplay, Urban Rivals offers card battle fans a breadth of gaming choices. There are 20+ card factions available, including the All Stars and The Uppers faction shown above, each of which plays differently from one other.


Also, there are a lot of game modes spanning from solo mode where you fight an enemy AI to PvP tournaments against other human opponents. This helps make the game fresh for months on end.

In the matter of collecting cards, most free players will spend the Clintz currency they earn playing and winning games on The Market, a virtual trading room where players sell their extra cards. Collecting cards through Clintz purchase is the more tedious route.

There is also the pay-to-accumulate route. Players can purchase Credits for real world cash, use them to acquire character packs, open the packs for random characters based on the quality of the pack (rarer packs cost more Credits). Credits can also be earned when you recommend friends to the free mmo game and these same friends purchase Credits.

The game is balanced somewhat since no single faction is dominant; each one has good and bad match-ups, but no auto-win or auto-loss match-ups. This encourages you to adopt a faction based on their playstyle or even art style than be forced to bandwagon the best factions and deck choices.

Unique Fun Factor

Urban Rivals is a card battle haven for casuals. It is easy to get into, fights are snappy, and deck building does not require a PHD in game mechanics. Dozens of game modes also ensure that whenever you feel like battling someone, there will always be a guaranteed opponent waiting to take up your challenge.


Dozens of varied game modes, from single campaign to PvP
Card battles are super quick to finish; progress can be made even with 5 minutes of play time
Thousands of players ensures there is always an opponent for you


Enemy AI can be a very hard to beat
Combat mechanics are not as deep as other card battle games
Deckbuilding is mostly a matter of slapping cards from the same faction



How to Make Fast Clintz in Urban Rivals

2012-08-16 17:08:52 - By Michael Jamias

In Urban Rivals, the popular tactical card MMORPG, battles are decided by two factors: How well you read an opponent’s strategy, and the power level of your character cards. The first one takes hundreds of matches to learn, as you try to decipher patterns of play and combinations of cards that will lead to wins. But the second one is fairly easy to accomplish – all you need to build an ass-kicking collection of character cards is a way to quickly earn Clintz. Lucky for you, we have just the Urban Rivals guide to help you become a Clintz-making machine.

urban rivals character cards

What is Clintz?
Clintz is the non-cash shop currency for this tactical card game and browser mmo. Your current Clintz total is shown at the left side of your screen, just below your character profile and above “Credits.”

urban rivals clintz

Clintz can be spent to purchase character cards from other players. You can earn Clintz after winning a match in the various card battle formats. Credits, on the other hand, is the cash shop currency and is largely bought with real cash. If you are reading this guide, then you probably do not want to pay to power up your character roster. Instead, you want to put in the hours and work for your Clintz.

Why Should I Power Up my Characters?
As a rule, you will want to keep on collecting better and better character cards. These are the characters with increasingly higher power and damage, and tremendous special abilities and bonuses. You can easily spend thousands of Clintz on a single high-quality character card on sale in the market -- and be happy to have paid for it.

urban rivals market

Keep this in mind: A player controlling more powerful, rarer and more cohesive character cards is more likely to win. And you want to win, because winning earns you more Clintz to buy more superior characters. It's basically a self-perpetuating cycle. More Clintz, gives you access to more epic cards, which lets you win more and earn more Clintz. The problem though is starting from scratch. And if you’re only earning a few dozen Clintz per hour, then it will take you forever to collect all the power cards you need to get going.

What’s the Fastest Way to Earn Clintz, Then?
There’s no single way to go about it. Instead, there are several strategies that will boost your earnings. Choose one that suits your playstyle and time constraints. But no matter which one you choose, following these simple instructions will increase how much Clintz you earn per hour – and consequently, let you collect power cards faster than ever!

Strategy 1: 1-Hour Tourney Marathon
If you only have one hour to spend playing Urban Rivals, the Tourney mode is the way to go.

urban rivals tourney mode

Tourney mode gives out bonus Clintz – as well as Credits and Collector characters – depending on your performance after each one-hour round. All players who participate in a tourney will be ranked against each other. The more card battles you win, the higher you climb up the rankings, and the more Clintz you receive. Coming out on top will win you thousands of Clintz, so that is your ultimate goal. Be sure to check the leaderboards at the bottom to see where you stand in the rankings. Aside from the bonus Clintz you get after each tourney, you will also earn Clintz in each match.

Advice: Finish a tourney each and every time. Even when losing, there is no penalty for you to keep on playing. The more games you put in, the more Clintz you will earn regardless of winning or losing. Of course, winners get more Clintz per card battle, but as a beginner, fast play is a key strategy for earning higher Clintz per hour. Some players choose the wee hours to enter tourneys since there are less players vying for the top spot, which gives them a higher chance to finish in the top tier rankings. Feel free to adopt this tactic.

Strategy 2: Tourney Dipping
Want free Clintz each hour for minimal effort? Join the tourney every other hour. No matter how low you place, you will receive the bare minimum Clintz participation prize. After finishing one match in Tourney mode, feel free to switch over to Classic or Solo modes and continue racking up Clintz there.

Advice: If you’re busy doing chores or homework, tourney dipping is a great way to keep your Clintz rolling without sitting in front of the PC all day. You can join a tourney, play a single match and get on with your real life work. After the tourney finishes, you will earn an automatic 50 bonuz Clintz as a participant. That’s an awesome return for five minutes of play, considering a match just gives you around 5 Clintz.

Strategy 3: Legendary Missions
Legendary missions reward some of the highest Clintz in this browser MMO. Each time you play Urban Rivals, be sure to check what legendary missions are available and try to complete them by fulfilling objectives, such as using certain types of cards or racking up damage in a single match. You can check the current Legendary missions by clicking the “Missions” tab (in between “Collection” and “The Guilds”). Also, finishing five legendary missions for a single legendary character will earn you their card – and be one of the lucky few who have these special collectibles.

urban rivals legendary missions

Advice: Think of legendary missions as side quests. Your main quest is to win the card battle, but you can work towards the objectives of legendary missions along the way. Before you know it, you will have completed a step and sometimes earn up to 150 Clintz per completed objective.

Final Reminders
Now that you know some of the best ways to rack up Clintz, you should also learn how to spend it wisely. Before plunking down that Clintz you worked so hard to save, think about what kind of collection and team you want to have. Do you want to specialize in high damage characters that deny opponent bonuses? Then go all out on Piranas characters. Building a focused team will provide you with combat advantages and will make your playstyle more consistent. You can also ask advice from more veteran MMO players through the game’s chat function. It never hurts to learn the trade secrets from the very best!

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