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  • Uprising Empires: build

    Uprising Empires: build
    Start your empire by constructing buildings. Each building has a space devoted to it....
    Uprising Empires: build

    Uprising Empires: train

    Uprising Empires: train
    You can start training troops as soon as your barracks is finished....
    Uprising Empires: train

    Uprising Empires: hero

    Uprising Empires: hero
    Your hero, or heroine in this case, leads your troops. She can be improved through training and by equipping new gear....
    Uprising Empires: hero

    Uprising Empires: attack

    Uprising Empires: attack
    Now that you have your military unit assigned to a hero, send them out on a military action. This will take time but it will earn ...
    Uprising Empires: attack

Uprising Empires is a fantasy-based military themed MMORTS game that is home to a huge variety of innovative features and mechanics. Uprising Empires includes all of the features you would expect to find in a strategy high-quality free browser game such as unit management, base construction and thousands of other players fighting for control of resources and territories.

One of the most exciting features to Uprising Empires is the ability to "age up". The game features four distinct ages through time, each with specific buildings, units and research possibilities. The higher age a player reaches, the stronger the technology available, making it a prime goal for all players. In order to increase your cities age you must gather a lot of resources, research certain technologies and have powerful heroes at your disposal.

Uprising Empires has a heavy focus on combat and PvP, as such players are offered many different choices when attacking enemy cities. Players can attempt to rob enemy cities of resources, loot gold from their alliance guild chest and even send in spies to gather intelligence. The vast array of tactics and strategies available in combat creates a unique PvP system that includes far more than simple battles. Another interesting aspect to Uprising Empires is the ability to garrison troops. Players can send their armies to various friendly cities and alliance allies, and keep their troops hidden in that specific city, creating a large ambush force for unsuspecting attackers.

Uprising Empires is also home to a large number of quests known as missions. There's a huge variety of missions available with each being separated into two categories, Dailies and City. Daily missions can be completed once a day and include a variety of objectives such as attacking a certain number of enemy players or exploring specific territories. City missions are available all the time and revolve around tasks you can complete within your city, such as constructing a certain building or training a specific unit type.

By Rachel Rosen

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