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  • Unification Wars: UI

    Unification Wars: UI
    Unification Wars uses a text heavy interface. Make sure to carefully read the tutorial while playing to learn the finer points of ...
    Unification Wars: UI

    Unification Wars: research

    Unification Wars: research
    Research has several different 'infrastructures'. Commercial is one area that you can focus your research on....
    Unification Wars: research

    Unification Wars: income

    Unification Wars: income
    Keep an eye on your income. If your standing fleet gets too large, you may need to grow or risk having your economy stagnate....
    Unification Wars: income

    Unification Wars: ships

    Unification Wars: ships
    You can build different classes of ships. Simply find the military tab and manage your fleet....
    Unification Wars: ships

Unification Wars is a free to play, space combat MMORPG that boasts a player base of an impressive 350,000 registered players. Unification Wars mixes in a variety of mechanics and features from multiple genres of MMO game, such as MMORTS, MMORPG and skill-based shooting titles. Unification Wars was designed from the ground up, using a unique gameplay and graphical engine to deliver one of the most expansive space themed MMO games on the internet.

Unification Wars is mainly about constructing a base and advancing your civilization. Players can choose from a massive 70+ available systems to begin their journey with each system having totally unique planets, resources and challenges to overcome. You must choose your system wisely as certain systems are held by ruthless alliances that don't welcome new players to their territory. Unification Wars does offer new player protection to avoid getting destroyed during your infant days, creating a thoroughly enjoyable and risk free new player experience.

A large part of expanding your civilization is advancing your technologies. There are over 120 individually unique technologies to research, all of which are put into specific categories. Some research items will reward you with easier to construct buildings, while others will benefit your military efforts by increasing the damage your units can do. Other technologies include the ability to increase your resource income rate, allowing you to expand at a much faster rate.

There is a huge selection of singe player, objective based missions in Unification Wars, with over 300 hundred available. Each mission is different, offering players a unique and challenging experience with each quest they take. This unique approach to single player content means you've always got something you can be doing, which makes a nice change to the majority of MMO RTS games on the market today.

If PvP combat is more your thing, there's plenty of it in Unification Wars. There are over 350,000 registered accounts, all of which have set out to achieve the same goal, universal domination. Whether you choose to go alone, or join a huge alliance, there's always allies to be found and enemies to be made.

By Rachel Rosen

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