Ultimate Naruto beta begins

By Tam Mageean
ultimate naruto beta

Get ready Shinobis and Kunoichis!! The open beta for Ultimate Naruto starts here!

This browser mmo will take you through Ninja school in a quest to become the ultimate warrior. Choose between 3 main discipline types; Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu and take your ninja clan of up to 10 players through an anime infused adventure to perfect your ninja skills.

In celebration of the beta launch, IceGames Co. Ltd are providing a launch competition for the whole beta testing community, with prizes for everyone involved. As the official Ultimate Naruto page gathers likes on Facebook, more and more gold and silver will be placed in your prospective Ninja's in-game bank account.

Ultimate Naruto character selection

Beta players get uninhibited access to all of Ultimate Naruto's features; from raising your very own Chakra Monster, to protecting Konohagakure, to preparing a Ramen dish at the noodle bar; Ultimate Naruto provides to all of your Ninja needs.

The Chakra Monster element of the game will place a tailed beast in your possession, to be raised and nurtured, gaining an additional tail for every 10 levels that they progress, with the aim of creating a Nine-Tailed Beast; the highest accolade to any Ninjas arsenal in the anime.

Fans of Naruto will also be happy to hear that they will get a choice of their favorite characters from the series, and the MMO will even feature a PvP arena.

Ultimate Naruto screenshot

Although the beta has already started, you can still apply to participate in the MMORPG by logging on to the official homepage. Dattebayo!


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