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  • Ultimate Naruto: rewards

    Ultimate Naruto: rewards
    Naruto involves many quest based missions using your character, allies, and friendly NPCs. When you complete a mission, you can ch...
    Ultimate Naruto: rewards

    Ultimate Naruto: gear

    Ultimate Naruto: gear
    Remember to equip new gear for yourself and any of your allies....
    Ultimate Naruto: gear

    Ultimate Naruto: combat

    Ultimate Naruto: combat
    Naruto's combat is turn based and is, for the most part, determined before the battle begins. You control your group by organizing...
    Ultimate Naruto: combat

    Ultimate Naruto: missions

    Ultimate Naruto: missions
    Story missions give you 1 level each at first. Each quest sends you on these missions and completing a quest unlocks the next miss...
    Ultimate Naruto: missions

Ultimate Naruto Gameplay First Look - HD

Ultimate Naruto Gameplay First Look - HD

Ultimate Naruto is an anime free MMORPG no download developed and published by Bingyou Animation. Based on the insanely popular Naruto manga, this browser based game tells the story of Uzumaki Naruto and his friends. Ultimate Naruto adventures take place in the same universe as the original manga and anime series. Konoha village, led by the Third Hokage, is the training center for ninja fighters and home of young Naruto which is not exactly an ordinarily boy. When Naruto was merely a baby, an almost undefeatable demon fox known as Nine Tails attacked Konoha village. The Fourth Hokage paid with his life to capture Nine Tails and sealed its spirit and malevolent will into Uzumaki Naruto. Despite of being burdened with this cursed seal, Naruto became a talented ninja and villagers acknowledged him as a member of Konoha community.

Players are able to equip 6 different types of gear and gadgets including the headband that represents their ninja affiliation. Equipment is categorized by grade (rarity) into: white (common), green (uncommon), blue (rare), purple (epic) with gold and red being the most powerful Ultimate Naruto weapons and armors. There is even a forging feature that allows players to create their own equipment that can be enhanced and upgraded using Fortify techniques. Ultimate Naruto is a free MMO that puts players in charge of a main character that controls a team of 10 ninjas. Ninja Souls, won by playing Janken mini game, are used to recruit ninja fighters for your party. Ultimate Naruto combat techniques, skills and seals are based on the original Naruto. The summoning seal allows players to call powerful beasts (like Shukaku) that act just like pets. There are 3 main character choices: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu or Genjutsu and each one has unique perks. All playable characters have 2 types of attributes. Force, chakra, power and agility are primary stats while attack, defense, speed, crit, dodge, hit and HP are secondary stats. Speed plays an important part as Ultimate Naruto has turn based combat that uses this stat to determine attack sequence.

Tasks are quests assigned by various NPCs that are all part of the Naruto world. Kakashi, the Sharingan user, is such an NPC. There are main tasks mandatory for story progression, sub tasks that provide additional rewards and daily tasks that are familiar to any MMORPG player. Ultimate Naruto has PvP features with Arena being the place where players gather to test their ninja skills. Guilds allow players to form powerful ninja clans. There are various Ultimate Naruto activities, fun is guaranteed no matter you choose to spend time fighting to protect Konoha, engaging other players or simply preparing noodles at the ramen shop.

By Rachel Rosen


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