UFO Online enters open beta, resistance fighters wanted

By Michael Jamias
ufo online open beta launch

Nothing like an UFO Online open beta invasion to rally gamers to the defense of the Earth.

UFO Online is now opening up its chaotic world for all gamers. Anyone brave enough to take up arms against a very determined army of aliens can sign up at the official Gamigo site for UFO Online and join the fight to keep Earth in the hands of humans.

Newbies will be trained in the basics of getting around the turn-based strategy mmorpg, from choosing between the three rival human factions that were already at war even before the invaders showed up to the basics of blowing up aliens at gun point.

Seasoned beta testers, meanwhile, will get their hands on newly optimized content (thanks to the serious input fans made during the past closed beta) as well as an expanded PvE selection of missions. Quality of play improvements have also been implemented that should make the hectic task of planetary defense all the more convenient.

The open beta version of UFO Online has also received visual effect upgrades, particularly focusing on weapons that put other alien-fighting browser games – and even some sloppily coded MMOFPS titles – to shame.

No word yet on a commercial launch date, only that it is β€œto follow shortly,” said Gamigo.


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