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Roles are reversed as gamers play as heroic troll defenders in Trolls vs Vikings, the tower defense mmorts developed by Megapop. Featuring a fun, light-hearted approach, this game finds players seeking to defend nature from rampaging Vikings. Designed to be a fun game that appeals to all ages, this browser game features plenty of action and gameplay modes.

The world of Trolls vs Vikings is somewhat different from what we normally expect. Trolls are not the evil creatures normally depicted in fantasy, but are instead peaceful, nature loving creatures. They only want to be left alone to tend to their meadows, animals, and forests. It is the cruel Vikings who have spread the lies about the trolls and now the Vikings are leading an invasion of the Troll realm, even bringing their gods along with them for the fight.

As with other tower defense browser games, Trolls vs Vikings features a number of different gameplay modes for the players. There is an extensive story mode that spans all the seasons. Each season is different as they bring out new environments, bosses, enemies, and challenges to face. You can play with others in the game's multiplayer campaign, with live and async multiplayer matches. Regardless of platform (browser, iOS, or Android), all players can seamlessly interact and play. There is also the usual rankings and ratings so players can see who is top dog. Other features include movable towers, strategic resource gathering, set-pieces, and a dynamic in-game tile system.

Trolls vs Vikings features over forty characters and seventy levels, with more coming in the future. While there is a heavy focus on strategy, the main aim of this browser mmo is on having fun. The characters and units are definitely tongue-in-cheek, with characters such as Claus the Musician, Wolfgang the Fashionista, Shameus the Shy Troll, and Ram-Bokk and his dead goat. This game is safe enough for kids to play, but with a sly wink that adults will enjoy.

The world of Trolls vs Vikings is filled with colorful, over-the-top characters that will bring a smile to your face even as you're frantically working to defend your tower from those pesky Vikings. As a troll, it's up to you to defend the mountains from the rampaging Vikings, who are filled with both mead and a desire for hooliganism. Not only will you face wave after wave of various Viking attackers, but you'll have to fight their gods, such as Loki and Thor, as well. Can your wholesome troll defenders stand against the Viking scourge?

By Jeff Francis

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