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Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus is a mmorts inspired by the famous heroic conflict in Greek mythology. It is a free browser game, developed and published by Kabam. Trojan War tries to capture the epic feel of its namesake war, letting you grow a city-state into a powerful empire that spans across multiple territories. By receiving the blessing of a patron god, training and recruiting an army formidable enough to withstand attacks and launch invasions, growing an empire that can sustain your ever-growing power, and forging strategic alliances, you can dominate in Trojan War.

Like any real-time strategy mmo, Trojan War is all about exploration, building and negotiation. You will need to map out your surroundings, grow your starting city-state one building and improvement at a time, and eventually raise your army production and military power. After creating a solid base, you can start to amass an army that will bring you glory through conquest. Establishing alliances with other players is vital. Trojan War players can interact in real time and team up against their enemies. You can train mythical monsters and recruit heroes alike, then command them to expand your territory through conquest. Troops in Trojan War are drawn from a historical line-up of warriors, including Myrmidons. This gives this free mmo a believable fantasy mythology flavor.

There is a tutorial at the beginning that can help new players set up their hero, army and other initial necessities, but there is a fair amount of strategy that players need to pick up for themselves. A hero to lead your troops into battle must be selected. There are a few heroes to choose from, male and female. A hero must be given troops.

Performing actions in Trojan War requires time and resources. Training more and better troops, for example, raises the production time and requirements you need to complete the action. For those looking for a quick boost, actions can be sped up with the use of cash shop coins. This will often be unnecessary for casual MMO gamers who are not in a rush and have the time and patience to finish their actions in the normal speed.

Trojan War heroes have 3 stats: attack, defense and skill. They progress based on a classic leveling system. When the XP bar is all filled up, a new level is gained. Players can have up to 5 heroes. City development is one of the main features in Trojan War. A city contains various buildings. The war academy is used to recruit troops. The city temple gives an overview of your whole empire. The Library is a research center. Players can research technologies to increase their resource gain, make troops more efficient and many more. The wall acts like a garrison. Troops can be stationed there. Resources are used to upgrade buildings. Each upgrade level takes time to complete. There is a resource area that serves as a platform for lumber mill, quarry, mines and homes.

Trojan War has an achievement/quest feature. After fulfilling certain objectives, you can claim your reward. Most of the action will take place on the world map. Players can adventure into forests, mountains or monster lairs, defeat the guardian mobs and obtain resources. There is an automatic guild finder option to facilitate player interaction. Finding a guild and attacking other players are the core features of Trojan War browser mmo. Players can visit the Trojan War cash shop to buy various items. These items can be used to speed up city development and boost resource income. There are 2 chat channels (guild and global) for Trojan War player to keep in touch all the time.

Gods also play a crucial role in Trojan War just as it was in the mythical tale where even the divine residents of Olympus took sides between the warring Trojans and Achaeans. In the game, you can declare an allegiance to your chosen god, each one offering specific combat boons to your cause, which when unleashed in battle can secure your victory.

Trojan War offers a challenging, dynamic and solidly strategic MMO gameplay – three elements that fans of rts games will surely appreciate especially for a free to play title. Mythology buffs will also relish the chance to live out their own version of the Odyssey, rallying an army that could rival the thousand-ship armada that sailed to reclaim the hand of Helen as well as courting the favor of the mercurial Greek gods.

By Rachel Rosen




Trojan War visuals

Visually, Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus is heavily inspired by the ancient Greek era and the dark fantasy mythology which sprung from that time. Character avatars and troops wear the traditional garb from that era, such as togas and hoplite gear. Meanwhile, enemy mobs consist of popular mythological beasts, including minotaurs, manticores and dryads. Developers clearly wanted players to feel like a Greek hero commanding an army into grand quests of exploration and invasion.

Trojan War interface

As a strategy browser mmo, Trojan War is very menu-driven. That means you will spend most of the game clicking buttons and icons, which are fortunately large enough to see and provide quick-drop descriptions. One hour of playing and you can pretty much know your way around the whole game. Granted, Trojan War has a fairly simple gameplay, so it naturally shouldn’t have overly layered menus like what you would expect from full-blown strategy games like Civilization.

What is refreshing about Trojan War is that it avoids the amateur mistake of overcomplicating the user interface. Production decisions which might take minutes to complete in other strategy browser games can be completed in seconds in Trojan War owing to its smart, streamlined interface design. There is an option to go full screen, but it was disappointing to see that you would have to sacrifice chat functions to do so.


Out of battle, Trojan War uses a suspenseful music track, the type you would hear while exploring an abandoned ruin. It’s not creepy enough though to be distracting. There is only that hint of desolation and danger, which fits the nature of the game where player cities are separated from each other by hostile tiles. The lack of variety though can become boring after months of play, in which case feel free to turn off the sound and just play music from your desktop iTunes.

Once you go into battle, the war drums begin to rumble. Individual units have unique offense and defense sound effects – archers letting their arrows fly, myrmidons stabbing, hoplite shields scratching from an attack. When the units die, there are no death cries, which can be a relief or disappointment depending on your preference. All clicks also come with that reassuring sound confirmation – a subtle but substantial plus.


Trojan War achievements

There is an attempt at building a story during the first ten minutes, then it all but fizzles when you get into the meat of the MMORPG. It’s safe to say that Trojan War has no overarching story, only a premise that you are a hero out to build a glorious empire. Roleplayers will weep in this game because the hero will not grow in any way outside combat statistics and skills. There are zero quests here. Instead, players will have to work for more than a hundred data-driven achievements, such as upgrading your barracks to level 3 or conquering another city.


Trojan War Academy

For hardcore strategy fans, Trojan War offers little difficulty. There is literally no path to failure since every decision you make will be beneficial for your city-state. This makes the Trojan War feel less like an actual strategy game and more like a building game with a sprinkling of strategy elements. The very worst thing that a player can do, for example, is to neglect his city-state by failing to log in for a long period of time since your progress is virtually correlated to how much time you spend building upgrades and training troops.

Combat is done on auto-pilot, meaning once you go into battle there is nothing you can do to influence the fight. This can be a deal breaker for some players who want to actively feel like they control the fate of an encounter.

Trojan War Combat

The strategy element comes in preparing your army before a fight. You can assign troops to either a front or back slot, and swap your hero skills. Expecting a lot of high damage attackers? Load up on defensive hoplites and equip water healing skills to replenish their ranks. Want heavy offense? Line your front row with myrmidons and singe the enemy with fire damage skills.

Trojan War Battle

These decisions can affect the outcome of a fight, but a better way of choosing fights is to make sure the enemy leader level is equal or lower than your hero’s. Doing this almost guarantees you a win assuming you have a fully replenished army. One level higher and your chances of winning dramatically drop, with two levels higher very hard or almost impossible to win. This shows the immense factor that hero level stats play into a battle.

Trojan War Armory

Aside from hero level, armor equipment is also the other major contributor to a win or loss. At hero level 6, you will unlock an armor equipment slot; reaching higher hero levels will unlock the other weapon and relic equipment slots. Equipment provide tremendous boosts to troop attack, defense and skill values. Equipment can be earned as rewards from attacking Level 4 Lairs or higher, or can be bought from the item shop. At higher levels, you will be very tempted to purchase equipment especially when fighting against other enemy players.

Trojan War Shop

But if you wish to keep Trojan War into a solo play experience – and not exploring its multiplayer Alliance system – then dropping cash on the item shop shown above will be a matter of convenience as you purchase production-completion laurels.

Unique Fun Factor

Trojan War is a very polished-looking game, with a logical building and resource accumulation system. You won’t need to Google up guides; the in-game tutorial and built-in tooltips give you enough direction on how to forge forward in powering up your budding city-state. While other MMO strategy games starve you with resources, hoping that this will force you to patronize their cash shop, Trojan War discreetly reminds you that spending cash to instantly finish your production. Overall, it is a nice enough, no-stress title that will satisfy completitionists for dozens of hours.


  • Clean-cut, easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Clear instructions on how to build a bigger city-state and better army
  • No smothering cash shop restrictions


  • Absolutely no story expositions which hurts immersion
  • Can feel like a checklist game of build this and upgrade that
  • Combat is completely automated which leaves players just watching instead of playing

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