Tribal Wars mobile versions get hi-res, direct play upgrades

By Michael Jamias
tribal wars mobile hi res direct play

Score sweeter screen grabs with your Android device and freely test Tribal Wars on your iOS device.

InnoGames has heard all the gripes of Android fans that have been comparing their version of the game with the iOS and browser versions, and have found it lacking graphics-wise.

In response, the Tribal Wars Android version app has just gotten a hi-res graphics upgrade, especially when playing it on an Android tablet or any other hi-res Android device.

Android users also have another reason to cheer -- the number of supported devices has been exponentially expanded as well. The free no download mmorpg can now be installed and played on "several hundred" other Android devices, including HTC One, Galaxy S4, LG Optimus 4X HD, Nexus 7 and 10 tablet, and Galaxy Tabs.

iOS fans need not be jealous because while the rival Android camp has gotten a graphics level-up, the Tribal Wars iOS version app has been given a direct play option.

"Direct play allows players unfamiliar with the browser version to test the game before registering for an account," explained InnoGames.

This option specifically caters to casual fans who just want to see what Tribal Wars is all about, and whether the RTS-based medieval strategy game is their cup of tea without having to go through the hassle of registration. And if they end up loving the mmo, then they can proceed to register and unlock the whole game version.


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