Tribal Wars hits 50 million registered players

By Michael Jamias
tribal wars 50 million registered players

Tribal Wars continues to draw in a strong following with a reported 50 million registered players.

Tribal Wars' 50 million registered players milestone comes just weeks after the almost decade-old browser mmorts celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Developer InnoGames was more than proud to announce the achievement, given that Tribal Wars was one of the first titles for the then-fledgling mmo games developer.

The developer shared some stats on where Tribal Wars is most popular: Its home country Germany boasts of 6 million registered players, while countries like Poland and Brazil have flocked to the game, racking up 7.3 million and 5.4 million registered players, respectively. The rest are distributed in the dozens of countries where Tribal Wars can be played.

“Reaching 50 million feels especially good,” explains InnoGames CEO Hendrik Klindworth, “because it was a total grassroots effort - Just a passion that changed our lives.”

Klindworth muses a decade ago when he, his brother Eike and their friend Michael Zillmer were searching for an online game which had all the features they were looking for in an browser rts game. And how in not finding any that met their specifications, they decided to build one -- and thus Tribal Wars was born.

Three years after Tribal Wars was published and managed as the trio's hobby project, they decided to form the company InnoGames which went on to publish even more mmo games.


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