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tribal wars paladin system
Train your own army of paladins with the release of a new update in Tribal Wars. The Tribal Wars paladin system comes online and will bring on a breadth of benefits and fresh tactical options as players figure out how best to use their new paladin units. MMO fans can recruit up to ten paladins, level them up by assigning them to important tasks like battling enemies or keeping the peace in villages to improve production. To level up a paladin,...
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Jun 13 2016
Why we like the Tribal Wars mentoring system
One of the biggest hurdles for players in an online game is the learning curve. Some games are relatively easy to pick up while others are more difficult. One genre that can frustrate new players is the strategy mmo. While some of these browser games offer some basic tutorials, many players find themselves flailing in the dark and may come to regret some of their initial choices when building their online kingdom. Luckily for those players, Triba...
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Apr 05 2015
tribal wars mentoring system
They say with age comes wisdom -- an adage that InnoGames is banking on when it asks veteran players to guide newbies into the mmorpg kingdom of Tribal Wars. Dubbed as the new Tribal Wars mentoring system, experienced strategists can take on beginners under their tutelage and show them the path to quick progression. How does this happen? As explained by game designer Anwar in the Tribal Wars mentoring system video below, the mentors can send qu...
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Mar 05 2015
tribal wars mobile hi res direct play
Score sweeter screen grabs with your Android device and freely test Tribal Wars on your iOS device. InnoGames has heard all the gripes of Android fans that have been comparing their version of the game with the iOS and browser versions, and have found it lacking graphics-wise. In response, the Tribal Wars Android version app has just gotten a hi-res graphics upgrade, especially when playing it on an Android tablet or any other hi-res Android de...
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Sep 06 2013
tribal wars 50 million registered players
Tribal Wars continues to draw in a strong following with a reported 50 million registered players. Tribal Wars' 50 million registered players milestone comes just weeks after the almost decade-old browser mmorts celebrated its 10th anniversary. Developer InnoGames was more than proud to announce the achievement, given that Tribal Wars was one of the first titles for the then-fledgling mmo games developer. The developer shared some stats on whe...
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Jul 25 2013
tribal wars mobile version upgrades free
Tribal Wars' mobile version has broken out of its premium paywall, and even has a shiny new touch screen interface for easier on-the-go gaming. Tribal Wars fans who play the strategy browser mmo via mobile will also notice that the number of menus have been lowered, resulting in a less cluttered screen. The graphics have also been optimized for the smaller screens on mobile phones. Mobile players will also notice a new full-screen mode map and ...
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Sep 20 2012