Tribal Wars 2 video previews new Trebuchet and Berserker units

By Michael Jamias
tribal wars video trebuchet berserker

If you've been following Tribal Wars 2, you'll know that it pretty much plays like the original Tribal Wars but with nifty new units, strategies and features.

Foremost of these are the new Trebuchet and Berserker units, which deepen the army strategies in the free no download mmorpg sequel.

We'll let lead designer Thomas Fischer give his own take on both units, and find out which of the two is his favorite and why in this Tribal Wars 2 Introducing Units and Tactics video:

In the video, Fischer also touches on what makes the new Generals feature quite a powerful new tool, especially for veteran players who want to boost their combat power just a little bit more.

When properly fielded into battle, Generals can sway what could have been an even or even losing mmo battle since they can increase your attack ratings.

Generals also offer great utility by being able to say provide more plunder for every successful attack, or recoup your military losses by resurrecting some units after a particularly intense fight.

Overall, the new units and tactics available in Tribal Wars 2 are meant more to expand the breadth of combat and customization options from the original. This should please fans who want more of the same Tribal Wars, but with a zing of fresh content.


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