Tribal Wars 2 video briefs us on new spy feature

By Michael Jamias
tribal wars 2 spy video

Sneaky spies have infiltrated the upcoming Tribal Wars 2, and you'll do well to use them to your advantage to scout out foes and plan your war tactics accordingly.

Through the Tribal Wars 2 spy system, players will be able to train spies and plant them into enemy territory on daring missions. These sneaky agents will primarily gather critical information about a rival village's strength and army size. Players can then use this information to crush enemy villages as efficiently and decisively as possible.

This Tribal Wars 2 spy video further discusses this dynamic new feature that's sure to cause its fair share of mind games among the real-time strategy populace.

In the video, game designer Kilian Schmidt demonstrates how you can access your spies through the browser mmo menu. He also offers a few choice tips on how you can successfully pull off an espionage mission and ensure that you don't fall prey to enemy counterintelligence.

But mmorpg developers made sure to balance the espionage system by allowing some counterplay. Players can fool incoming spies by falsifying troop numbers and building levels. Defenders can even force caught spies to divulge information about their own village, turning the tables on your opponent.


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