Tribal Wars 2 News

tribal wars 2 tribe skills
What do you do with some of the extra resources you've stockpiled in Tribal Wars 2? A new feature lets you pour them out in exchange for a bunch of perks! Developers have opened a cool new option with the Tribal Wars 2 tribe skills, which allows players of the strategy browser game to donate resources and raise the power level of their tribe. If you're still scratching your head on how this feature will raise your tribe's competitiveness, then ...
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Oct 07 2015
tribal wars 2 resource deposits
You know those times in Tribal Wars 2 when you desperately need additional resources? Relief is on the way as the new feature -- resource deposits -- come online. Tribal Wars 2 resource deposits allow players to run errands in order to acquire additional resources. There are six errands to choose from based on their quality, and they are modified every six hours that passes in the mmorpg. Once players complete errands, they will be rewarded wit...
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Feb 19 2015
tribal wars 2 international tv campaign
InnoGames wields a new advertising weapon in its bid to bolster the Tribal Wars 2 player population. The studio has launched an international international TV campaign featuring a 30-second Tribal Wars 2 TV spot that highlights the game's key gameplay features.The trailer -- which is airing in multiple countries in several language versions, including French and Dutch -- tries to lure in gamers who have the slightest inclination to build...
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Oct 08 2014
tribal wars 2 beta
Inno Games have done a great jobs with mmorts sensation, Tribal Wars. The browser based strategy game has been running smoothly since 2003, building a committed, hardcore fanbase and setting the standard for high quality browser mmo gaming from the very beginning. Almost a decade has passed now and gaming is improving and advancing faster than ever, so, rather than continuing to improve their ageing browser mmo, they've put together a similar, b...
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Sep 02 2014
tribal wars 2 art design video
Curious about the art style and design process of Tribal Wars 2? Then you'll want to watch this Tribal Wars 2 art and design preview video:As we heard in the video, Tobias Dunz is tasked with setting the visual direction for the strategy MMORPG sequel to the beloved Tribal Wars. He assures new players that the art style will be fresh and innovative while reassuring veteran fans that the essence of the franchise -- an appealing mix of cla...
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May 22 2014
tribal wars 2 spy video
Sneaky spies have infiltrated the upcoming Tribal Wars 2, and you'll do well to use them to your advantage to scout out foes and plan your war tactics accordingly. Through the Tribal Wars 2 spy system, players will be able to train spies and plant them into enemy territory on daring missions. These sneaky agents will primarily gather critical information about a rival village's strength and army size. Players can then use this inf...
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Apr 25 2014
tribal wars video trebuchet berserker
If you've been following Tribal Wars 2, you'll know that it pretty much plays like the original Tribal Wars but with nifty new units, strategies and features. Foremost of these are the new Trebuchet and Berserker units, which deepen the army strategies in the free no download mmorpg sequel. We'll let lead designer Thomas Fischer give his own take on both units, and find out which of the two is his favorite and why in this Tribal Wars 2 Introduc...
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Feb 05 2014