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  • Tribal Wars 2: market

    Tribal Wars 2: market
    The market allows players to buy boosts including faster build times or increase resource generation....
    Tribal Wars 2: market

    Tribal Wars 2: map

    Tribal Wars 2: map
    The map shows neighboring areas that can be attacked by players....
    Tribal Wars 2: map

    Tribal Wars 2: barracks

    Tribal Wars 2: barracks
    Upgrade the barracks to be able to recruit better troops....
    Tribal Wars 2: barracks

    Tribal Wars 2: city

    Tribal Wars 2: city
    From the city view, players can build or upgrade buildings....
    Tribal Wars 2: city

Tribal Wars 2 Gameplay First Look - HD

Tribal Wars 2 Gameplay First Look - HD

Shepherd your kingdom to greatness in Tribal Wars 2, the medieval-themed browser mmo developed by InnoGames. You are the ruler of a medieval kingdom who must weather the strife to not only survive, but to expand your realm. In this free strategy mmo, the citizens of your domain look up to you to use your wisdom to make the hard choices to survive in a war-torn world.

Based upon the classic Tribal Wars that entertained many a strategy mmo enthusiast, Tribal Wars 2 builds upon that success. There are many new features, such as dynamic map information and customizable tribe quests. The graphics and user interface has been upgraded to reflect the higher standards of today that gamers demand. This free no download mmorpg is a vast improvement over the original and serves as a new and unique gaming experience.

As is customary in rts games, the player's attention will be focused on building and expanding their castle. There are multiple buildings that can be constructed and each building can be upgraded to a higher level to add additional benefits and more capabilities. Building types include the headquarters, farms, timber camps, chapels, clay pits, iron mines, and rally points. To protect your kingdom and garner power, you'll need to build an army. Players can recruit a multitude of units, including spearmen, swordsmen, archers, axe fighters, light cavalry, heavy cavalry, mounted archers, and even siege equipment such as rams and catapults. You can even use counter-measures such as camouflage against enemy attackers and espionage attempts. To garner additional resources to fuel your kingdom's expansion, you can attack other players and loot their resources. However, military strength alone won't propel you to the heights of power. You'll need your wits and use other means, such as espionage, trade, and political alliances in order to guarantee your kingdom's rise. Players can ally with one another and fight side by side in an effort to both defend themselves and conquer new lands together.

Tribal Wars 2 is a medieval mmorts that allows gamers to flex their inner king as they strive to build their kingdom and expand it. The strategy that you use to  guide your  kingdom is up to you, but there are optional quests that you can take that will provide some guidance. You'll be able to find plenty of allies and foes as this online game is available in more than 18 languages. Build your castle, rally your armies, and conquer your foes as your kingdom marches to glory and power.

By Jeff Francis


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