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  • Tribal Wars: The beginning

    Tribal Wars: The beginning
    The beginning of a wonderful empire. Here is my village when I first start the game. It is time to learn the basics of Tribal Wars...
    Tribal Wars: The beginning

    Tribal Wars: HQ options

    Tribal Wars: HQ options
    My Headquarters shows me my building options. I can build new buildings like a Timber Camp or Farm. Or I can upgrade existing buil...
    Tribal Wars: HQ options

    Tribal Wars: Quests

    Tribal Wars: Quests
    Complete quests to earn rewards. These quests also will teach you some of the basics of Tribal Wars....
    Tribal Wars: Quests

    Tribal Wars: Good neighborhood

    Tribal Wars: Good neighborhood
    I hope I was spawned in a good neighborhood. MMOPlay City is new and being run by an inexperienced ruler....
    Tribal Wars: Good neighborhood

Tribal Wars is a browser based RTS game released by Innogames way back in 2003. This no download mmorpg is still growing and has an estimated 35 million registered users.

One of the more appealing aspects of Tribal Wars is the Paladin system. Similar to the hero system used in other MMORTS games, players can recruit a unit that is far stronger than typical recruits and soldiers, and also offers benefits and buffs in certain scenarios such as raids. Paladins can also use rare and unique items that players can discover while raiding, players can view their progress towards their next discovery via a statue in their home village. You can increase the bar by raiding other players and AI villages, once full you will discover an item on your next exertion. The items vary and can include buffs for the Paladin itself or general improvements to your army such as a +20% increase in damage for a certain unit.

Although the game is mainly static image and text based, the art design fits the medieval style perfectly and the units and paladins compliment this with highly decorative armor and weapons. This also spills over into the combat area of the game, there are no animations as such, instead players simply select the amount of troops they want to attack with, and what village they wish to attack. There is a unique calculation feature where players can "simulate" the fight before actually committing any troops, meaning you can test battle your opponent before actually fighting.

Tribal Wars has a heavy focus on diplomacy and player relations, villages can choose to unite and form a tribe, or brave it out and attempt to fight alone. It pays to be cautious when choosing your enemies as you have no idea what kind of strong tribe a village could belong to. This results in many players sending messages to form alliances, warning off attacking players, or even tricking opponents into thinking they're safe.

Tribal Wars is available free to play with little restrictions but it does feature an item mall for players that wish to build and train at a quicker rate.

By Rachel Rosen


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