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    Travians: quest
    Talk to NPCs to find new quests to work on....
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    Travians: chop
    Chopping wood and collecting other resources grants you action points that can be used throughout the game....
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    Travians: games
    Playing minigames costs action points and rewards social points. Here is a hand of Black jack that is obviously not rigged to let ...
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    Travians: decorate

    Travians: decorate
    Remember to decorate your house. That little shack needs to become your crib!...
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Travians is an endearingly quirky free no download MMORPG from Travian Games. Endearing because of the premise of the game. You enter Travians as an unlikely hero looking to lift an aging curse that has befallen your village. You decide to venture out in search of a solution even though you have no idea where to start looking for a solution. Here is where the quirky comes in. As you trek through the wider world of Travians, a memorable cast of helpful NPCs including bearded Vikings and a traveling pig will give you a helping hand. Conversation and exploration are a big part of Travians, and talking to random townsfolk or traveling to far-flung corners of the game universe will often yield important story clues.

Travians is a mission-based game and completing one after another is a solid plan to breeze through the game. But if you’re not in much of a hurry, you’re encouraged to try to live a full fantasy existence in Travians. This includes taking up an occupation, building a home and filling it with your favorite stuff, and letting your hair down in the local bar where the fun mini-games will take your mind off things. Your house in Travians can be furnished to your liking, and can even accommodate visitors. This housing feature opens up a range of social events, such as throwing a guild party or hosting a get-together with your closest virtual friends. It also deepens the role-playing aspect since you can design your abode to reinforce your chosen persona.

All these activities reward some experience so you won’t feel too guilty slacking off on those mission to-dos. Gain enough experience to level up and unlock more combat and utility abilities. These abilities will come in handy when completing the harder missions and challenges. But if ever you do get stumped, Travians has a very friendly community. Join a guild to get the inside scoop on how to solve a particularly hard riddle barring your progress. Some missions even require the presence of a partner – or another player – which can easily be filled up by your fellow guild member. A guild will also be vital if you decide to participate in PvP. There are two main areas for PvP in Travians. There is the arena, where players can duel with each other in combat. Then there are the mini-games where players can compete in the likes of Battleships or Chess. Winners in these PvP matches will be able to raise their attributes and purchase item upgrades.

By Rachel Rosen

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