Transformers Universe has been confirmed as a MOTA

By Tam Mageean
transformers universe mota

There may be a new genre of mmo emerging. Developed by the giants at Jagex, who are responsible for the ever-popular RuneScape, the upcoming Transformers Universe was presumed to be another browser-based mmorpg, but after 3 years of development, it has now been confirmed as a MOTA.

In a recent "State of the Factions" address CEO and CTO of Jagex, Mark Gerhard coined the term and explained why their upcoming game deserved the unique title.

"We’ve built a massively online, tactical action game, or MOTA as I like to call it! Transformers Universe offers fast-paced, battle centric, tactical action with a selection of game modes for core gamers, casual gamers and Transformers enthusiasts alike."

The announcement also had some more serious news too; an in-engine trailer, that will show off some of the playable in-game bots, and a Transformers Universe launch date some time this summer, with more beta keys progressively getting handed out shortly.

"We are 100% set to launch Transformers Universe this Summer, and will be progressively inviting an ever-widening portion of the BETA community to enjoy the game before opening it to the rest of the world this summer!"

Autobot or Deceptacon; if you're ready to wage giant-transforming-robot war, you can apply for the beta, right now, via the official Transformers Universe website.


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