Two more bots revealed for Transformers Universe

By Tam Mageean
transformers universe catapult shockwave

Whether you're a fan of PvP in the form of more orthodox, competitive mmo gaming, or you've transcended into the lesser-charted territories of MOBA fighting; you've probably got an eye on the upcoming MOTA, Transformers Universe.

The MOTA (Massively Online Tactical Action) genre is completey new, but looks to bridge the current rift between MOBA and Action RPG. Announcements have been scarce, but as developers, Jagex, reveal more about their character structure, we can start to see a fuller picture of how MOTA gaming will play out.

Transformers Universe is boasting a dynamic, large-scale war-tide, which will shift, not only as a response to how you play, but as a response to how everyone plays, meaning each battle fought will have an effect on the overall Autobot/Decepticon war.

What this means, is that from day one; when you select between Autobot and Decptacon, you'll be influencing the overall War effort.

If you've yet to make your decision, two new Transformers Universe bots have been revealed, one for each faction, giving a little more shape to how a MOTA battle will unravel.

Transformers Universe Shellshock

The Autobot's first sniper-class battler, Catapult has joined the roster for the good guys. Autobot will take the role that Duststorm currently covers for the Decepticons; delivering fast, offroad coverage as a vehicle and blaster/ranged attacks as a bot.

For the Decepticons, Shellshock rolls onto the scene as a heavy, close-quarters crusader; delivering heavy damage in short, destructive bursts.

Full info on the new warrios can be found here.

Autobot or Decepticon? Have you made your decision yet? Let us know in the comments section below.


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