Transformers Universe unveils its first bots

By Tam Mageean
transformers universe bots

Earlier this month, we reported on Jagex and their mission to change the face of mmo games with their new, upcoming title, Transformers Universe. So far, they've unearthed very little about their new sub-genre, for which, they've coined the term MOTA (which stands for Massively Online Tactical Action game).

Is it a style of MOBA? Is it a modern take on the mmorts? Initially, we couldn't be too sure, but now, as more info comes in, the MOTA genre appears to be a more dynamic take on the MOBA, with a faster paced rate of play and more interactivity with the terrain.

Today, Jagex announced their first two bots to be featured in the free to play, action mmo; one Autobot and one Decepticon, complete with some brief bits of gameplay footage to help you decide what side you should fight on.

For the Autobots, they have revealed Meltdown; a fast and furious 4x4 with medium-ranged attacks and support abilities. For the Decepticons, they have introduced Duststorm; an offroad, drifting dune buggy with sniper and blaster capabilities. Despite all of the other bots on the newly forged Warrior Page being blurred out, there are two additional Autobots and two Decipticons with "Preparing to Deploy" ambiguously written across their silhouettes, so hopefully we'll be seeing some new Transformers Universe bots on the battlefield shortly.

Full specs, stats and videos of the new bots can be found on the official Transformers Universe website.


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