Transformers Universe gears up for beta test

By Tam Mageean
transformers universe beta

Beta Testers, check your inboxes, the time has finally come! The mmorpg grandmasters over at Jagex have doled out the first batch of beta keys for the Transformers Universe closed beta.

Transformers Universe is turning heads as it redefines the mmo genre with its brand new MOTA sub-genre.

"We are very excited about letting you experience Transformers Universe - the beta is a vital stage of our development as we look to test different modes of our game and to ensure the product is as balanced and enjoyable as possible"

The Transformers Universe team have a lot of testing planned for the Massively Online Tactical Action game, but this is one of the most important. Jagex are not only introducing players, for the first time, to their MOBA variation; as if that wasn't enough already, they're also introduce new characters, and grant players access to a variety of game mode, straight off the bat.

Transformers Universe screenshot

"We know you’re itching to play and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on the game"

The inclusion of the new bots, Front-Line and Conduit, takes the bot- tally up to four, with many more in the making.

Although the current beta drive is over, it looks like Jagex will be steaming through their test period, and are hoping to expand the game shortly. In the mean-time, be sure to sign up here if you want to get involved with the beta.


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