Transformers Universe News

transformers universe sunset
It's the end of a short, but sweet, era. 2014 was a great year for fans of the Transformers franchise, as the team-based mmo, Transformers Universe, broke the MOBA mold with their uniquely coined MOTA game. The Massively Online Tactical Action game bridged the gap between action/shooter, strategy and MOBA rpg, as players picked their faction and waged immense, fast paced war against each other. Players could pick to fight for honor and justice a...
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Jan 30 2015
transformers universe cancelled
As far as game cancellations go, we've had a pretty good year in 2014. Last year, there was a devastatingly large amount of games on the chopping block and, by comparison, the mmo gods have been fair this year. Running into December, fans must have thought theif favorite mmo games were high and dry and were looking forward to a new year of gaming. However, before Transformers Universe could even fully launch, the mmorpg titans at Jagex have sad...
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Dec 16 2014
transformers universe egx
Tucked away, in the furthest corner of the main show floor at EGX London, British developers, Jagex humbly sit among the American and Japanese gaming giants. Their booth has no strobe lights, no giant statues, no loud "MC" harassing passers-by with a microphone, they just smile and nod to anyone coming through, asking, "have you heard about Transformers Universe?". As a matter of fact I had. Jagex may be better known for one of the biggest brows...
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Sep 27 2014
transformers universe pandemic outsider added
Decepticons and Autobots will see their ranks bolstered with the arrival of Pandemic and Outsider to the Transformers Universe beta. Pandemic brings a controller-type warrior to the Decepticon fold, a new sub-class in the browser mmo dedicated to weakening and manipulating enemies. Transformers Universe's Pandemic can infect targets with viruses, grapple them and then drag them to his position all while disabling their weapons. Pandemic has that...
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Sep 25 2014
transformers art wheeljack knock out
The Transformers Universe preview parade continues with the art concept reveals for Wheeljack and Knock Out, which fans of the TV series will surely recognize.The Transformers Universe Wheeljack concept art shows a predominantly white-and-gray armor motif with accent streaks of green and red. We also see his twin katana blades, which he will use to slice and dice opponents.Meanwhile, the Transformers Universe Knock Out concept art shows a...
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Sep 09 2014
transformers universe macro firebreaker
Transformers Universe asks you to take your pick in its pair of new bot previews for the upcoming MMO MOBA: Either stand guard as the chivalrous Macro or lurk in the shadows as the sneaky Firebreaker. Transformers Universe's Autobot Macro takes on the form of a medieval knight like those you find in heroic browser games when he shifts into his warrior form. When in close combat, he can swing a heavy broadsword to cleave Decepticon enemies and hl...
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Aug 20 2014
transformers universe swagger diabla
Motorbikes are making their splash in Transformers Universe with the arrival of two new bots, Swagger and Diabla. With their superior mobility while in vehicle form, these Transformers Universe motorbikes plan to win either through guerilla-style warfare or full-on clashes. Autobot Swagger is an Interceptor-class bot that specializes in hit-and-run tactics, and is the first fighter to field a cloaking device to ensure maximum sneakiness. De...
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Jul 25 2014
transformers universe open beta weekend
Jagex spends July 4 with a bang by igniting a race for cash rewards in the Transformers Universe open beta. Beginning today, fans can register for free and log into the free to play mmo MOBA to a chance to win $75,000 in prizes if they participate in a pair of competitions.The first competition is a Transformers Universe open beta PvP competition which will reward players that rack up the highest skill score over the weekend. Top 3 ...
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Jul 03 2014
transformers universe mismatch showdown trailers
Jagex has revealed two new playable robots in disguise for Transformers Universe, the upcoming map-based PvP mmo, and boy are they a blast to watch in action! The first is Mismatch, a Decepticon with a killer kit for any range. Distant targets are obliterated when Mismatch brings out his gatling and rail gun weapons. If opponents dare come close, they will surely eat steel as Mismatch activates his chainsaw blades and begins cutting up foes...
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May 12 2014
Looking forward to Transformers Universe
Growing up in the 1980s, one of the hottest toy lines were the Transformers. Their introduction into the American toy market seized the imagination of children everywhere. Who couldn't love the toys? You had a cool looking robot that could transform into a car or plane! With lots of different cartoon series, different sets of canon, and multiple hit movies, the Transformers franchise is getting ready to hit online gaming with the browser mmo, Tra...
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May 15 2014