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Trainstation is a train simulator free to play browser MMO developed and published by Pixel Federation. It’s a casual game that allows players to build their very own railway empire, learn the ins and outs of the train building business, interact but also compete with friends. When starting Trainstation for the first time, players own just one train station. The primary goal is to build more trains, deliver goods and carry passengers from one train station to another. There are 2 main train categories: passenger and cargo trains. Passenger trains can carry mail too. Players gain gold (in-game money) and XP each time a cargo train is unloaded or passenger trains reach a destination.

Cargo trains and passenger trains work differently. Passengers board the train automatically and they are safely taken to a preset destination. Cargo trains must first visit the loading docks where players decide the cargo to be loaded. Trainstation cargos are called materials. Players can help their friends by sending materials via International trains. Having more trains means making more profit so it’s a good idea to have as many trains as possible. A train consists of a locomotive and carrier wagons. The Trainstation shop supplies everything players need to build their trains. When choosing a locomotive, players can opt for a steam powered engine, diesel engine, electric engine or maglev engines. Wagons that can carry different types of materials are also available. Caboose wagon can transport livestock such as pigs and cows or special goods like coffee. Improving the train station it’s a very important Trainstation MMO gameplay aspect. In order to attract more passengers, train stations must be upgraded with buildings. The shop provides buildings and other train station facilities. Each building increases the number of passengers but players should also make sure they have enough trains to carry them all. There are lots of decorative items that help players personalize their train stations. Functional facilities like rail extensions, street extensions or train slots are available at the Trainstation shop.

Players can add their Trainstation buddies to a list of friends. All sorts of rewards are gained when visiting and helping other players. Trainstation is one of the free browser games that use premium features. Gems are premium currency used to acquire special items from the shop. Trainstation players can progress without using gems but those that want to speed up their development and support the game are invited to acquire gems in exchange for real cash.

By Rachel Rosen

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