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  • Torpia: construct

    Torpia: construct
    You can construct new buildings on empty tiles....
    Torpia: construct

    Torpia: upgrade

    Torpia: upgrade
    Start upgrading your buildings. Space is limited and higher level buildings are required for some things in game....
    Torpia: upgrade

    Torpia: perks

    Torpia: perks
    You can get in game bonuses by using crowns. You start with 50 and can buy more....
    Torpia: perks

    Torpia: military

    Torpia: military
    In order to train our military, we will need buildings, resources, and to research the specific units. It may take some time....
    Torpia: military

Torpia is a free to play, no download MMORPG game with a number of interesting features and mechanics.

A world once filled with prosperity and respect has been thrown into turmoil after the discovery of an evil amulet, Torpia. It is said that the amulet disturbs the inner balance of ying and yang among humans, dividing the population and creating pockets of good and evil factions. Rumors soon spread that the side that can discover the correct assortment of amulets will be able to tip the balance in their favor, with good searching to return to more prosperous times, while evil is looking at forming enough military might to destroy good once and for all. It is up to you which side you want to represent in the epic struggle.

Each faction within Torpia has a different approach to the game. The forces of good aim to construct a vast economy that will be able to increase productivity across the planet. They do this by constructing various villages and trade routes around the globe, making it a safe and peaceful place for traders and merchants alike. The area designs are also different, offering more free flowing areas such as gorgeously green fields and huge forests. Evil has a totally different idea, players that choose to align with evil will want to focus on increasing their military strength. In their eyes, they have the rightful claim to the amulets and will stop at nothing to get them, including decimating the forces of good.

Torpia is filled with thousands of players from both sides, creating regular conflicts and PvP situations. Players will fight for Good and Evil across the globe. Torpia is successful because it offers 2 totally different styles of play. Good including the typical MMORTS approach of constructing a base, balancing an economy and expanding into new territories. Evil takes a more combat based approach with their main income coming from destroying enemy bases and raiding villages. These 2 totally separate styles of play allows Torpia to appeal to a large amount of players, creating an ever-expanding and active community.

By Rachel Rosen

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