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Throne: Kingdom at War Gameplay First Look - HD

Throne: Kingdom at War  Gameplay First Look - HD

Throne: Kingdom at War is a browser MMORTS developed and published by Plarium. This strategy game takes place in a medieval fantasy world. Players become Lords that rule over a town. Their job is to improve the town with buildings, to raise an army and to go to war against other players. Throne: Kingdom at War town management features a research system that allows players to discover new technologies and upgrades that are applied to buildings and troops. Another way to gain an advantage is to improve hero's attributes. Research and hero development are the two Throne: Kingdom at War features that help players achieve military and economic progress. Rich towns will have enough resources to invest in army development. Lords commanding powerful armies will stand a better chance when fighting their enemies.

Social interaction is just as important as having a massive army. Throne: Kingdom at War offers players the chance to become part of an alliance by joining an Order. Members of the same Order can help each other with resources and join forces to defeat their enemies. It's also possible to support Order buddies with military troops when they're under attack. Orders compete to gain control over the Eternal Stronghold. The Order who rules over this place receives generous rewards. Throne: Kingdom at War encourages competition but battles are not the only way to solve issues. Diplomacy can go a long way too. Sometimes, a temporary peace may bring players closer to their final objectives than a victory on the battlefield. Throne: Kingdom at War is a MMO so there will be lots of players, each one having a secret agenda, competing for the same goal. That's why it's better to use not just military force but also diplomacy. Players should also keep in mind that pacts can be broken and their allies might betray them if someone else comes with a better offer.

Throne: Kingdom at War players choose to develop their towns in various ways. Some prefer to focus on the economy and resource production while others will invest in the army. Each style comes with advantages and disadvantages. Throne: Kingdom at War is one of the browser RTS games that cater to hardcore players. The game heavily promotes player competition and social interaction. Casual players can still enjoy the game but they should seek the protection of an Order. They can help Order members with resources and receive military support in exchange. Although PvP is the main activity, there is also plenty of PvE content available. Throne: Kingdom at War can be played as a browser game or as a mobile iOS or Android app.

By Rachel Rosen

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