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  • Therian saga: customization

    Therian saga: customization
    Character customization is extremely basic....
    Therian saga: customization

    Therian saga: questing

    Therian saga: questing
    Questing is very simple and easy to pick up....
    Therian saga: questing

    Therian saga: graphics

    Therian saga: graphics
    Graphics have a very nice art style to them....
    Therian saga: graphics

    Therian saga: map

    Therian saga: map
    The map is very large allowing for a lot of exploration....
    Therian saga: map

Therian Saga Gameplay First Look - HD

Therian Saga Gameplay First Look - HD

Therian Saga is a fantasy free MMORPG no download developed and published by Virtys, a small Canadian indie game studio. The game is well popular among the French speaking playerbase under the name of Fatecraft since 2013. The first release targeted only French users but growing popularity convinced developers to make Therian Saga available to a larger crowd. Myriaden is the open world setting where players discover a rich story, role playing character customization, crafting, trading system and lots of other features. Therian Saga supports asynchronous gameplay, this means that playable avatars can complete certain tasks even if the player is offline.

The game world is divided into 3 main continents, each one has a unique landscape, story and provides different challenges. Dungeons are scattered all over the world. Imps, troglodytes, monstrous cockroaches and other dungeon inhabitants await heroes that are brave enough to test their battle skills but Therian Saga is not a MMORPG that forces players to take the role of fighters. The complex skills and professions system allows users to become crafters, explorers, hunters or city builders. When creating a first Therian Saga character, players are given a few physical traits (gender, hair color, etc.) to choose from and a starting location. Therian Saga doesn’t follow the traditional character creation system that requires player to pick a class, instead players will be asked to choose a profession. Wood, stone, metal, fashioning, flora and fauna are the 6 trades available to Therian Saga adventurers. Each one has 3 sub branches. For example, flora has horticulture (grow plants), botany (gather plants) and herbalism (alchemy). However, players are not restricted to learning only one profession. The 6 trades along with offense, defense and a few other stats are character attributes that can be improved through training. Therian Saga avatars are able to equip 2 armor sets: adventure and civil. The first one improve attributes and provides bonuses, the civil set is a fashion outfit.

Traveling, exploring and completing missions take time. Starting tasks only take a few seconds but, as players advance, the waiting time could be even hours and that’s why Therian Saga is one of the free browser games that implement asynchronous gameplay. The market or auction house is the place where adventurers sell and buy crafted goods. Even if it’s possible to learn all Therian Saga professions the best strategy is to stick with only trade at a time and supply with any other necessary items from the auction house. Players that want to support Therian Saga development are invited to visit the in game shop for premium services.

By Rachel Rosen


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