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  • The Wrestling Game: class

    The Wrestling Game: class
    Choose your class based on the style of wrestling you prefer to use. Let's focus on brute strenght!...
    The Wrestling Game: class

    The Wrestling Game: moves

    The Wrestling Game: moves
    Train 'Ear Slap' to show enemies that you mean business!...
    The Wrestling Game: moves

    The Wrestling Game: skill

    The Wrestling Game: skill
    Specialize your character as you level up by training skills....
    The Wrestling Game: skill

    The Wrestling Game: match

    The Wrestling Game: match
    Our first match did not go so well. Next time, we'll have to ear slap him harder....
    The Wrestling Game: match

The Wrestling Game is a free to play wrestling simulation called an E-Fed meaning Electronic Federation. The Wrestling Game is compatible with the majority of internet browsers and it takes just a few seconds to create an account, an upcoming update is going to add extensive 3D capabilities to the game, allowing players far more customization control.

The Wrestling Game includes 5 unique wrestler types including Strength, Technical, Speedy, Resistance and Balanced. Each type can be compared to a popular wrestler from the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) franchise. Strength represents wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, Technical Chris Benoit, Speedy Rey Mysterio, Resistance Cactus Jack and Balanced being similar to Randy Orton, although some of the wrestlers listed are a bit old school, they best represent that particular class.

Once you've chosen your wrestlers type, The Wrestling Game adds another level of in-depth customization creating your wrestlers move set. There are many different areas that you can customize, adding abilities, taunts, finishing moves, and more. The full list of areas you can customize are listed below:

Learn moves
Train moves
Advanced techniques
Special abilities
Able / Disable moves

The Wrestling Game features over 560 unique wrestling moves and abilities, creating one of the largest selections available in a game of this type. As well as assigning moves at the beginning of your career, players can edit, improve and trade out moves for new ones.

One of the most exciting aspects of The Wrestling Game is the personalization options for abilities such as your Finisher, Taunts, Trademark move and entrance. The Wrestling Game uses a step-by-step system that allows players to create their own moves from the ground up. First you must selection a starting position, such as opponent is groggy, or on the ground, you can then choose which area of the body the move will focus on and then the outcome, such as a powerbomb or submission move.

The Wrestling Game is already one of the most popular wrestling simulation titles on the internet and with the introduction of 3D graphics, this free browser game is a must play for any WWE wrestling fan.

By Rachel Rosen

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