The West builds new quest content around Drama Queens

By Michael Jamias
the west drama queens quest series

From saloon girls to cowgirls, a trio of ladies star in The West's new quest series.

The upcoming content patch activates The Drama Queens quest series, which features the saloon girl Kiki who is searching for her missing husband, the cowgirl Mimi who gets into trouble with the Sheriff, and the poor native Indian Lili who has lost all her memory and identity.

The West players will be able to access all three quest storylines no matter their level in the no download mmorpg.

Developer InnoGames hinted that to help the three ladies, players will need to complete tricky missions go through unpredictable plot twists that reflect the chaotic frontier of the Wild West. Those who manage to help all three girls will be rewarded with a cool item set.

InnoGames said that real-life German TV stars Janina Uhse, Nina Bott and Maria Wedig, known from several soap series, were used as the real-life models for the characters. For those familiar with the said soap series, the Drama Queens series will touch on the storylines from those TV shows but with twists and "plenty of self-deprecating humor."

Developers also said The West Drama Queens quest series is a natural fit to the MMORPG, enhancing its role-playing immersion.


The West comments:

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