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the west adventures game mode
The West stirs up some gunslinging action with the introduction of the Adventures game mode where two teams of five players each face off for control of buildings and, ultimately, to secure cool rewards.In the sneak peek video below, mmorpg game designer Quirin explains the basic mechanics behind the The West’s Adventures game mode. He even provides solid tips on how you can win those first few matches. Right now the best strategies wil...
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Nov 12 2014
the west drama queens quest series
From saloon girls to cowgirls, a trio of ladies star in The West's new quest series. The upcoming content patch activates The Drama Queens quest series, which features the saloon girl Kiki who is searching for her missing husband, the cowgirl Mimi who gets into trouble with the Sheriff, and the poor native Indian Lili who has lost all her memory and identity. The West players will be able to access all three quest storylines no matter their lev...
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Jun 20 2013