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  • The West: Duel

    The West: Duel
    This is the wild west. What would the west be without a good ol' gun fight. Thankfully, he cannot shoot the broad side of a saloon...
    The West: Duel

    The West: Equip

    The West: Equip
    Remember to look for new equipment for your gunslinger. Here you can see my gear and my character screen....
    The West: Equip

    The West: Skills

    The West: Skills
    Specialize yourself by focusing on different skills. I think I'll focus on dexterity....
    The West: Skills

    The West: Ye Olde Inne

    The West: Ye Olde Inne
    Don't forget to head to the inn for some... company and quests. Gunslinging is thirsty work....
    The West: Ye Olde Inne

The West is an American wild west themed, no download mmorpg published and developed by the German team over at Innogames. It's very quick and easy to get started in The West, players can use any popular web browser and there's no need to select a class at character creation as this is decided later in the game.

The combat in The West mainly consists of 1v1 duels, following the typical high noon approach that most wild west fans are familiar with. Players can choose their opponents from a list of AI controlled bandits, or they can choose to fight other players of a similar level, both of the fighting systems are identical. Each duel consists of 8 rounds, where both combatants get to select an offensive and defensive  move for each round. Offensive selections allow the players to choose which area of the opponent you want to attack, attacking their hands, torso, or head, with each area having effects on accuracy and damage. The defensive choices allows players to attempt to preempt their opponents attack ability and either dodge it or reduce the damage it will cause.

The West also features a unique job system where players can perform certain western type tasks in order to gain experience points and cash. There are a variety of jobs available, from clearing out scoundrels from the local saloon, to chasing around drunkards and hunting down livestock. Although each job is fundamentally the same, each one requires a distinct set of skills, so it's best for players to find out which jobs they prefer before they begin to distribute their skill points.

Players earn skill points from leveling up and completing certain quests. Once rewarded, players can distribute these skill points in any areas they please, allowing for total control and customization of your character as they grow stronger.

By Rachel Rosen


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