The Settlers Online Celebrates 20 Years of Settlers Games

By Josh Wirtanen
Settlers Celebrates 20 Years

The beloved Settlers series may have launched 20 years ago, but it's still going strong to this day in the form of browser game The Settlers Online. In that time, the franchise has racked up over 9 million sales. Now, gamers aren't exactly known for their attention spans, so keeping any game franchise alive for two decades is no small accomplishment.

Ubisoft Blue Byte realizes this, and is throwing a party inside of The Settlers Online: Castle Empire to celebrate. This includes a new resource, balloons, which can be picked up as quest rewards, discovered by sending explorers out on treasure hunts, or traded for. There are server-wide balloon objectives, and players will be racing to see who can meet those goals first. The winner will receive extra bonuses.

Additionally, there are new events in the game that "take their inspirations from Settlers II: the Retro click adventures (playable for all players) and the Semi-retro military adventures (playable for players from level 26)."

The event has already begun, so put on your party hats and log in.

The Settlers Online: Castle Empire is free-to-play and requires no download, as it's playable in browser windows.

Oh, and in honor of the Game's 20-year run, Blue Byte has thrown together this Settlers Online 20 Year Anniversary video:


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