The Settlers Online Adds High-Level Content

By Josh Wirtanen
The Settlers Online Adds High-Level Content

The Settlers Online: Castle Empire, the browser-based online strategy game from Ubisoft and Blue Byte, has recently added some new content for high-level players.

First off, we have Epic Raids, which an official press release gives this description of: "In Epic Raids, five new adventures hit the game, each of them referring to famous fairy-tales. The brave little tailor, a new NPC, assigns players quests which will guide them through the first epic adventure challenge. The first adventure can be found by an explorer or directly available in the shop. When the adventure is successfully completed, player will be rewarded randomly with one of two new adventures. Thus, there will be two ways to end the story depending on which adventure players will get. These special adventures also deliver new and dangerous enemies like Unicorns, Greedy Inn-Keepers and Lying Goats."

The Epic Raids also introduce some new resources. For example, Magic Beans and Magic Beanstalks, which can be traded for items in a new shop category. Additionally, Beanstalks can be exchanged for building licenses, which allow you to have more buildings on your island. Yes, this includes some new buildings, like the Fairy-Tale Castle, a decorative building; the Magnificent Residence, which houses a large amount of settlers; and the Gold Tower, which can turn wheat into coins.

The Settlers Online Introduces The Fairy-Tale Castle

Another new resource takes the form of Star Coins, which will be earned instead of experience points once the player hits level 50.

And then there's the Quartermaster General, a new specialist, described as "unable to lead an attack, but he can transport very large armies (1000 units) in a shorter amount of time than the other generals."

The Settlers Online is free to play.


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